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4 Zodiacs Entering A New Phase Of Their Lives In March

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An arbitrary milestone draws a line in the sand for you, Aries. Another year around the sun. Another year at the same job. Another year in your relationship. Whatever it is, the act in and of itself does not bring any true change to your life, but pausing, turning around and looking back on everything up until this point brings you a sense of accomplishment and pride. In the act of doing and working and striving, we don’t always see the results that come in along the way, but when we take a moment to stop, think, and breathe we can be floored with gratitude or pride at the beautiful things that surround our lives. The relationships, the experiences, the choices made are what constitutes a life. If any of those things were changed, the life would be a different one. Reaching this goal post allows you to move forward with certainty that the life you have is exactly the one you want.

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Taurus, your life change is an extreme change of pace. You need to slow down. Whatever pressure you feel, whatever task you procrastinated, cannot be fixed by rushing through what’s left to do at a breakneck pace. Some deadlines are meant to be missed, and a job well done is better than one sloppily completed on time. Some processes take time, some are meant to be restarted after multiple failed attempts. Your life change is to be patient with yourself, and the process you’re in the middle of. Focusing too much on the destination is clouding your ability to appreciate the journey itself. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by a to-do list. Especially when tasks accumulate across our personal and professional lives. The satisfaction you will feel from steadily chipping away at your list is a feeling you will crave later in life. Your life change is all about learning to recognize the positive beneath the pressure.

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Libra, your life change is about springing into action. You’ve spent time planning your next move, have analyzed the options before you, and now it’s time to pull the trigger. Book the flight, send the text, update the resume, make the first move, whatever it is you’ve been sitting on, it’s time to make moves. Regardless of any apprehension, you are ready for what comes next. You have a lot of life experience behind you, and you know you are capable of learning on your feet. Trust in the process, and don’t be afraid to get messy. Scuffed shoes, scraped knees, windswept hair are all possible side effects, but well worth it in exchange for the adventures ahead. You’ve spent years dreaming and talking about the big plans you’ve had in store for yourself, now you will begin to acquaint yourself with bringing all of those desires to fruition. Things will move quickly, so take pictures, journal, click that mental save button on some of the best moments in your life.

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Scorpio, your life change consists of setting new precedents. The choices you make and the way you do things today will have rippling effects on your future until they solidify into traditions. You may not feel a life altering shift, but down the road, you will look back at this time as the catalyst for much of what follows. What some people call “manifesting” for you will be a consciousness about what you want to bring into and fill your life with. Now is the time to acquire people, habits, routines, and mindsets that bring you joy and fulfillment. Curate what excites you most, like a shopping trip where you only purchase the “must haves”. Leave whatever you’re only lukewarm about behind, a life is a finite thing, so carry what’s precious not superfluous. The choices you make will grow more important and sentimental as the years go by. Your life change is realizing you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to giving your life direction.

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