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4 Zodiacs Entering a Life Chapter Of Healing

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Your chapter of healing involves reconnecting with your support system, Leo. There’s so much you’ve left unsaid with your closest friends and family members. Everyone’s been so busy, and you’ve struggled so hard with how to bring up the topic of your own struggles. It’s easy to fall into our regular patterns of small talk and part of you needed those lighthearted stress-free interactions while you were in the thick of everything. But now, you need something a little deeper and more meaningful. You need that connection and conversation that can only come from opening up. Just remember how you feel when others come to you in need. How you never think twice about listening or comforting them. You just need to see this as a reciprocal thing, one that you can ask for in return.

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Your healing chapter is about letting go, Virgo. Letting go of things that no longer serve you, ways of thinking that were never truly your own, voices in your head that bring you down, and guilt that doesn’t belong to you. It can feel like a lot, the longer you’ve carried these things with you, to think about getting rid of them in such a nonchalant manner. You’re worried there’s a baby in all that bathwater, or that these forces have simply integrated into your DNA after all this time. Maybe there’s just too much, like you’ve been hoarding so much pain and shame and hurt that you’re worried that clearing it all out isn’t enough to save the building from being condemned. You will realize down the road that this was a necessary step to make room for all of the good things coming your way.

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Your healing chapter is one of mourning, Libra. You have such an optimistic spirit, and such a drive to overcome things, but sometimes your positivity is simply a mask you put on to avoid what you’re truly feeling. You have an aversion to self-pity and don’t allow yourself to go to an emotional place where you feel bad for yourself where you regret the choices you made and the things you couldn’t control. The only way you can get through this grief is to first acknowledge it and feel it. To learn the lessons it’s trying to teach you, to follow the path forward to bigger and better things it is trying to show you. This is how you learn, how you grow, how you decide what kind of person you want to be. Anything you can get right on the first try is never the thing you end up being proud of.

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Your healing chapter is one where you learn how to be kind to yourself, Scorpio. Everyone knows about your high standards, but no one feels the greatest amount of pressure that gets put on yourself above anyone else. You will feel anxiety for days over the slightest mishap, even if it’s something no one else noticed but you. You hold onto mistakes and guilt and always have something harsh to say about yourself before giving yourself any credit for all of the good you bring into the world.

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You need to give yourself permission to learn, permission to get better gradually, without needing to perfect everything constantly. You are human, you are fallible, and it’s futile to try to be anything other than that. Acknowledge your strengths as much as you nitpick your flaws. Invest in what you’re already good at, instead of only sweating over the areas you struggle most in.

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