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4 Zodiacs Beginning A New Chapter In Their Love Life

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The new chapter you’re beginning this month is all about responsibility Taurus. All the platitudes you’ve heard about love being hard work come true, but not in the way you imagine. You’re past the struggles of acclimation, learning each other’s preferences and how to fight in a healthy way. You can distinguish how “angry” cleaning is different from regular cleaning, and you’re no longer in the power struggle phase of your relationship. The work that lies before you is that of a shared burden; a project that can only be tackled by you both. No one is dead weight while the other carries the load of two people down the road. You are partners who have developed a plan you are now ready to execute. You may find yourselves dividing and conquering at times, letting each other’s strengths shine through, bridging gaps where each of you struggle but at the end of the day, when you are both exhausted, you congratulate each other on a job well done. You celebrate and enjoy the results together, brought even closer than ever by this shared experience.

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A load has been lifted from your shoulders in this latest chapter of your love life. You’re no stranger to chemistry or commitment, but this new relationship you find yourself in is the healthiest you’ve had yet, the most functional, the kind that recharges your batteries instead of drains them. Love no longer feels like a chore, and you’re learning that the amount of effort you have to expend on someone is no longer the metric by which you have to measure the depth of your feelings for them. You’re not a salmon swimming upstream, and love is not something you have to fight tooth and nail against gravity to reach. Yes, conflict makes life interesting. It’s part of attraction and infatuation and what creates the tension in a rom-com whose resolution gives us that happy ending feeling right before the credits roll. But when things align, when we’ve grown and learned to communicate and ask for what we want, it’s shocking how quickly those obstacles can be overcome with the emotional tools in our toolkit. You’ll see how smoothly you can sail into the sunset.

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The new chapter in your love life is one where you are more comfortable than ever expressing your love in public. Scratch the soft launch and the consumer testing, you are ready to plaster your love on metaphorical highway billboards and national airwaves. You feel secure and committed, and things have been so serious for so long that there’s no point in holding back anymore. You’re typically not comfortable with being so open, and your humble nature avoids anything that could be considered flaunting, but you’ve finally come to the realization that the happiness you feel is simply too big and too beautiful to hold back or downplay in any way. If anyone is jealous or bothered to see you thriving to this extent, that’s a them problem, and in no way something you need to concern yourself with. You have nothing to prove to the world, everything about this relationship is based on authenticity between the two of you. Nothing is for show, nothing is contrived. You are just so happy and content that you’re ready to let the world witness it because it’s something that can’t be contained.

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This new chapter of your love life is one where you are level set with yourself, Sagittarius. You strive to portray an image of this easygoing person who is never bothered or inconvenienced by anything. You try to sound mature about everything, spouting phrases like “it just didn’t work out”, instead of letting anyone know how badly you wanted it to. Your pride and stubbornness silence you in the moments you most want to shout out. You have to learn to validate your own feelings before you can argue their case to anyone else.

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When you admit that your own feelings matter, the relationship matters, and that you are deserving of reciprocation and love and happiness, you will learn to actually stand your ground and advocate for yourself. No one will take you seriously until you take yourself seriously. There is so much inside of you that you keep hidden in the name of not being a burden, but you just end up suffocating in a sea of “what ifs” because deep down you know the answer to your own questions. That if you just spoke up things would be different.

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