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4 Zodiacs About To Start A New Life Chapter On March 11

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Libra faces a personal battle in this next life chapter. Their reputation is under attack, and they’re put in a decision where they have to constantly defend themselves. At times it feels like the accusations alone have ruined their image amongst their community or peers, but it’s not the time to give up. There is a fight to be made, there are facts to be stated, and resolve to be had. Libra needs to have faith that the loudest voice is not the one that always prevails in an argument. Their even-keeled, soft-spoken insistence in their own character will triumph in the long run. They must learn to advocate for and believe in themselves instead of waiting for anyone to come to their rescue. They are their own knight in shining armor.

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Virgo is blindsided in this next life chapter, and it’s a lesson in humility for them, because this surprise is entirely pleasant. Someone they underestimated or overlooked sweeps them off their feet by standing at their side in a time of need. Someone they’ve never ask a favor of supports them in the most meaningful way without being asked. And so this chapter is the aftermath of that shock. The dizziness, the ringing in Virgo’s ears as they reorient themselves from the blow. They recalibrate and reassess how they could have been so mistaken in the first place. Their infallible judgement has been a constant they could count on, and this change of the natural order of things is unsettling. They feel like they don’t deserve this kind of devotion and affection, but will need to learn to accept it in the long run.

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Cancer is about to reach new heights in their next life chapter, achieving notable success that makes them an outlier at their age. It’s a blessing and a curse because they feel a new level of pressure following the recognition, but also resent that their success is being classified by their age. They put in the blood, sweat, and tears to deserve their place in the arena, not by fluke or stroke of genius. They are a regular person who has exhibited consistent persistence and drive. They stuck to their word, their plans, and their commitments. They will feel a need to set the record straight when others comment on how or why they got there, but the most important thing is knowing that they know the truth.

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Leo’s next life chapter is about taking on a leadership role. There are so many people they maintain close relationships with, and these people are going to trust them to represent the larger group in an important setting. Whether it’s on the homeowner’s association, an employee focus group, or running for local office, Leo feels the weight of the responsibility of standing up for the groups they form a part of.

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They become spokesperson, advocate, and defender. They feel pressure to deliver results because so many people are counting on them, rooting for them. People truly believe Leo can improve the circumstances around them, and improve their quality of life. It’s a huge honor, and Leo will rise to the occasion with grace and poise.

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