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4 Zodiacs About To Experience An Important Milestone In February

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Cancer is taking an important step with their significant other this February. They have found a level of confidence and stability within the relationship that they’ve never experienced with previous partners. Taking this step is all about honoring and acknowledging the real progress you two have made, and has nothing to do with an urge to catch up to friends or reach arbitrary milestones in order to receive external validation. The two of you have created a world together in which your opinions matter most. You are each other’s best friend, north star, and moral compass. You never make important decisions without each other, and always have the other’s best interest in mind. This moment is in equal parts about gratitude and appreciation for everything you’ve been through thus far, and excitement for everything that still lies ahead.

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Capricorn, your milestone is a moment in which some part of your life comes full circle. Reconnecting with childhood dreams and aspirations, getting a second chance to re-experience something in a way that allows you to let go of past regrets, or simply witnessing your hard work come to fruition. It’s an emotional moment in which you become keenly aware of the patterns in your life, and all the ways you’ve consistently shown up for yourself. Stimuli from the present will unlock and heighten memories in a way that sheds new light and understanding on your past. Sometimes we can’t understand or appreciate where we’ve been until we get where we’re going. You don’t see the mountain from the peak, you see the beauty of the valley where you came from.

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Your milestone is all about doing it alone, Sagittarius, whatever “it” may be. You’ve relied on mentors and managers, coaches and roommates, but it’s time for you to leave the proverbial nest and venture out on your own. Despite any misgivings or anxiety, you are ready to handle the responsibilities you’ve only shared in under supervision to date. You’ve trained for this moment, done your homework, and understand the finer details of the process. The only thing getting in your way at this point is your own hesitation, but once you grab the joystick and fly that plane you won’t be able to resist the adrenaline. The control you’ve craved is finally yours to enjoy. You’ve earned this autonomy, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. From here on out, you’re in charge.

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This milestone won’t feel like anything special at first, Virgo. It’s one more try, one more attempt, at something you’ve given your best shot more than a few times. Another job application. Another first date. Another hobby sign up form. You have been going through the motions for so long that it’s become second nature, but what you will realize down the road is that this month was the beginning of the end. The thing that stuck. The thing that turned into your whole life. Became your passion, your safe place, your shelter. After endless exhibitions of showing up for yourself, the prize you were hoping for is finally yours. The life you’ve been dreaming of starts today. It may not feel like winning the lottery, but you’ll eventually realize this is even better because the reward is tied to your own efforts, not chance.

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