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4 Zodiacs About To Begin A New Life Chapter In January

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Your new life chapter is about an evening glass of wine, Aquarius. A moment to yourself after a long day of doing things that got you worked up, on edge, and feeling much more than overwhelmed. The point isn’t to turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism, but rather your imagination. Let the tannins transport you to another place, another time, an alternate version of you. A you that lives life at a European pace and has a penchant for a punchy red at dusk. Maybe Edith Piaf is crooning in the background, “non, je ne regrette rien”, and neither do you. You have no troubles, no worries, no concerns beyond the pleasures of the present moment. You take this time to fully unplug from the rat race of daylight and greedily relish the evening that belongs completely to you. Your whims can become your reality if you give yourself permission.

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Your new life chapter is about assigning qualitative to the quantitative, Virgo. It’s about reexamining the things you routinely count, measure, and document out of habit, necessity, or routine and instead of putting a dollar amount, a grade, or some sort of personal credit behind that final figure, deciding what it means to you personally. It’s the difference between a hundred hours of community service and a lifelong friendship formed. Saving hundreds of dollars on groceries and being able to pay for a childhood dream. Fulfilling the requirements for a promotion, and feeling like you are contributing to something you feel is worth waking up for each day. It’s about deciding to dictate the meaning of your own life instead of playing by everyone else’s rules and hoping you’ve scored enough points by the end of the level. Build your own game. One where it’s more important to enjoy playing than to win.


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Your new life chapter is about creating something new from the same old ingredients. It could be people. It could be your wardrobe. It could be the bottle of quarters in the back of your closet. The important part is what you do with it. How do you breathe new life into the resources readily available. Turn a package of ramen into a luxurious date night meal. A family into softball team. A good idea into a side hustle. You have what you need at your fingertips, Leo. You don’t need another degree, an elevated pedigree, or a robotic appendage to make your dreams come true. Trial and error will work wonders you’ve never considered. All you need to do is put on an apron, some sunglasses, your lucky pair of underwear, whatever it takes to get you to say, “let’s give this a try”.


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Your new life chapter is about leaning on a loved one, Taurus. Sometimes life just gets the better of us, and we need a safe space that allows us a necessary outlet for our stress. It’s not a punching bag or a door mat, but a person we can turn to and say, “this feels like it’s too much” or “I need a hug” and know we will be heard and loved and cared for. You know this person is there, and appreciate all they do for you, the only thing you need to learn in this chapter is how to communicate the root of your problem to them in the simplest, most concise way, and get past the part of you that worries about bothering them. Learning to believe you have a right to ask for their help. Knowing for a fact that they want you to.

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