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4 Zodiac Signs Who Struggle With Low Self-Esteem In Relationships

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Cancer, you have deep-rooted fears of unrequited love and abandonment. Your whole life revolves around your partner and the life you want to build together. It’s tragic how much you rely on your relationship to make you feel good about yourself. Constantly, you make up scenarios in your head in which your significant other leaves you. You overexert yourself to please them because you believe it’s the only way you can keep them. In doing so, you push your own emotional needs aside. Not only that, but you place too much pressure on your lover by making them your only source of happiness. At some point, it will become overbearing—and a self-fulfilling prophecy. You won’t have a healthy relationship until you work on your past emotional wounds and learn how to seek fulfillment from within.

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Your fear of imperfection permeates into your relationships. Even once you’ve become steady with someone, you tend to hold a little bit of yourself back. It’s like there’s a fortress built around who you truly are. You don’t let your significant other in fully because you’re afraid that they’ll see your self-perceived flaws. You couldn’t bear not living up to their standards. Not being good enough for the person you’re madly in love with is your biggest nightmare. Virgo, you’re more than just worthy. Your partner saw something unique and special in you, and they deserve the same vulnerability they have given you. Remember that you can’t truly love without being seen.

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No one does love like you do. Your love is so intense that when you fall for someone you give a piece of yourself away to that person. The only thing you hold back is your full trust. You’re always ready for the other shoe to drop, meaning that you expect your partner to be unfaithful or forsake your heart in some way. Your jealousy and fear of betrayal could end up undoing your relationship if you don’t get a hold of yourself. Yes, someone hurt you deeply in the past, but the only person you’re punishing right now is your current partner. You could lose them if you don’t learn how to let go and let love in. No amount of transparency, reassurance, or controlling them could save you. If someone is going to cheat, they’re going to cheat—whether you become fixated or not. Give the relationship a real chance. If it fails because of something they did, then that’s on them. Stop torturing yourself.

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Your biggest struggles in relationships are feeling unloved and misunderstood. In the past, you’ve looked for love in all the wrong places. You fell for people who took advantage of your kindness and who loved how you made them feel about themselves more than they loved you—people who gaslit you and made you feel like you were “too much.” Former lovers have made you feel like you had to change who you were to be loved—to be worthy. You lost yourself to make them happy. The truth is that those people didn’t have the depth to understand and love someone like you who has such a unique perspective on the universe. Don’t let them be the reason why new and beautiful love fails.

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