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4 Zodiac Signs Who Struggle To Say How They Feel

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Communication is crucial for the health of all types of relationships—romantic, platonic, and otherwise. However, when talking about how we feel about something, some of us struggle to express those emotions more than others.

Astrologically, our zodiac signs can reveal reasons some of us may have for not being the most elegant or capable of expressing our emotions—especially when we look at our Sun and Moon signs. The Sun in astrology represents our ego and core values, which can often shape what we value and find crucial. The Moon is associated with our inner emotional world—how we feel, process emotions and cope with intense circumstances.

While we may long to say exactly what we feel, plenty of roadblocks can get in our way—from unwanted confrontation to lack of trust to simply not being comfortable expressing ourselves in this way. While some zodiac signs may find that speaking about their emotions comes naturally, it isn’t always the easiest for others.

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Check the signs below (Sun and Moon!) to see which zodiac signs struggle the most to say how they feel.


When it comes to expressing their feelings, Capricorns can struggle a great deal. As a sign known to work hard to prove themselves and focus on achieving their goals, they are more likely to believe that their actions should speak for themselves. The main issue? Things that are obvious to Capricorns may not be so to others. Additionally, talking solely about their emotions isn’t this Earth sign’s strong suit. When expressing what they want or need, they can get straight to the point, but if it’s talking about their emotional state, they have a hard time knowing how to phrase it or even how to discuss something so intangible.

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Aquarius signs love discussing almost anything—except how they feel. Truthfully, Aquarians are far more interested in what someone thinks or what inspires someone than their emotional reaction. They tend to believe their emotions are the least interesting thing about themselves, so why talk about it? When it comes to their feelings about a situation or a person, they can talk about them, but it doesn’t come as naturally and will often be approached logically rather than just letting the words come out. If they can’t express themselves exactly how they want to, they will opt not to say anything—even if others don’t demand perfection.

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If we are being transparent, Scorpios often know how to say what they feel—it’s just whether they can trust a person enough to say it. Most times, the answer is no. Scorpios spend a lot of time with their emotions and are thoroughly aware of how they feel, but they have to feel extremely secure that what they say won’t be used against them. Being vulnerable is not something Scorpios do lightly; if they choose to be, it’s because they have significant trust in a person. Even so, it’s always a little tricky because of how much effort it requires to take down their walls and say how they feel without worry it will come back to haunt them down the line.

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When expressing how they feel, Sagittarius signs often work in extremes. This sign is known for its bluntness, especially when speaking, and can sometimes go too far when speaking their mind. On the other end, if the way they feel is too overwhelming for them, they can often opt to escape or distract themselves rather than come out and say what needs to be said. Regardless of the method, neither option is a great representation of what’s happening in the emotional realm for a Sagittarius—usually, they have spent a great deal of time processing and examining their emotions from every angle and desire to talk it out eventually. Yet when the moment comes, they can’t find the right words or know how to talk about things without getting too caught up in the moment, and rather than be emotionally exposed, they will crack a joke or avoid the conversation.

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