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4 Zodiac Signs Who Sell Themselves Short

For many reasons, people can take positive traits such as humility, kindness, considerateness, and fairness a little bit too far. These reasons include a lack of assertiveness, a fear of rejection, shyness, or an inborn conviction that it’s rude to ask others for too much. As a result, they wind up with less than they deserve—whether it’s money, affection, or attention.

Fire signs are known for being egotistical, having an inflated opinion of themselves, and demanding far more than they need or deserve. They run on arrogance like cars run on gasoline. That’s why there are no fire signs on this list.

The four zodiac signs on this list are flat-out too nice, too humble, too self-denying, and too considerate for their own good.

1. Libra

The Scales sell themselves short because they crave balance—but ironically, they often wind up with the short end of the stick in the process. They are by nature conflict-avoidant and would rather take less than their fair share if they can sidestep an argument. They don’t like to rock the boat and, even in the midst of an ocean storm, they’d rather passively nod in agreement rather than get flung overboard amidst a chaotic mutiny. They would be best served if they realize that unlike themselves, many other people thrive on conflict and taking advantage of others. In such cases, Libra should throw away the Scales, abandon all pretense of fairness, and go head-to-head with people who wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over cheating them out of what they deserve. They need to learn that you can’t harmonize with someone who insists on singing out of tune.

2. Virgo

Renowned for their perfectionism, Virgos have a hard time understanding why that could possibly ever be a flaw instead of a virtue. It’s simple: If you do your best and always give it everything you have, there’s always going to be some natural-born bloodsucking parasite who will ride you like a pony, slack off, and let you do all the work. It’s good to have high standards—no argument there—but it’s bad if it winds up with you carrying the weight for all the world’s lazy bastards. Virgos need to learn how to make others appreciate them. If others still insist on riding you like a pony, toss them off your back and say, “Pony don’t play that.”

3. Gemini

Geminis aim to please and are grateful for any opportunity they get. Sometimes they suffer from what psychologists call “imposter syndrome,” meaning they fear that no matter how many successes they achieve through their own hard work, they don’t really deserve it and that one day people will see them for the frauds that they are. They don’t like to disappoint, and as a result, they have an odd tendency to feel more uncomfortable if they’re overpaid than if they’re underpaid. That’s why they are the crappiest negotiators in the zodiac. They have a big problem saying “no,” and as a result, they often bite off more than they can chew and wind up choking in the end.

4. Pisces

Pisces is one of the nicest signs of the zodiac. They are also humble. These traits can be due to low self-esteem or merely a kind and empathic nature. But in a world that often veers toward nastiness and malice, Pisces’s good intentions can make them vulnerable to predators, sociopaths, and just plain regular old inconsiderate assholes. While being nice to others is, well, nice—it can be dangerous, or even fatal, in a world where some people interpret niceness as weakness. Pisces needs to develop a keen radar for telling the difference between those who value kindness for what it is and the kind of jerks who smell blood and see a sucker ripe for exploitation. Once they realize someone is of the latter breed, they need to cut them out of their lives forever. That way, they can continue being nice to those who appreciate it.

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