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4 Zodiac Signs Who Need To Win Every Argument

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No matter how much people insist on the contrary, nobody likes losing an argument. It doesn’t matter if it’s as mundane a topic as tomorrow’s forecast or as niche a discussion as the best Lorde album–everybody feels the innate need to have their opinion heard in a conversation, regardless of whether they’re right or wrong. While some signs might feel they’re above such trivial arguments, others demonstrate a fiery intensity when it comes to combative exchanges, constantly feeling a need to prove themselves correct in any conversation imaginable.

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Ruled by the god of war Mars, Aries never shies away from a challenge, frequently launching themselves head-first into a conversational jousting match. It doesn’t matter how out of your element you might be–you have an opinion about everything under the sun, from ongoing fashion trends to the hottest new show on HBO. In your mind, most conversations unfold like a chess game–one that you must win at all costs. As a result, in heated exchanges, you have a habit of talking at people rather than talking to them, preferring to hear your thoughts echoing back to you instead of patiently listening to what the other person has to say.

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The pure embodiment of a fire sign, you approach everything with a heated passion, taking everything a tad too seriously in your average daily life. As someone known for their deep emotions, you take objective criticism immediately to heart, especially when it comes to arguments where you might be wrong. Forever reading too deeply into minute matters, you’re always worried about the larger implications of losing a verbal spat, fretting over whether people might begin to doubt your intelligence once they realize you’re incorrect about a specific fact or a set opinion.

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You thrive off the notion of control, maintaining a clear-cut view of how to run your life, from the correct way to fold clothes to the proper way to organize your refrigerator. As someone with a tight grip on their lives, you have difficulty admitting you’re wrong, preferring to see things through your carefully tailored perspective rather than someone else’s. For you, being wrong has the potential to disrupt your entire life, inviting a change that could offset the balance of everything you worked so hard to create. Because after all, if someone comes along and tells you you’re dicing vegetables

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The way you digest new information and the way you brandish it tend to differ drastically from one another. On the one hand, you’re open to new ideas, allowing you to expand your mindset in new and exciting ways. On the other, you typically bring up these ideas at the most inconvenient times possible, indirectly fanning the flames for an imminent argument ahead. From bickering about political ideals at a family dinner to speculating about religion at a casual get-together among friends, your verbal sparring matches typically come from your curious personality, triggering arguments in what you initially hoped would be an intellectual conversation.

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