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4 Zodiac Signs Who Need To Let Go On The 1/26 Full Moon (+ A Release Ritual)

The Wolf Moon on January 26th will be peaking at 12:54 p.m. EST, bringing forth the first Full Moon of the year, this time in the fierce sign of Leo. Your emotions will be running high, but you’ll also be getting a clear glimpse on any limiting thoughts or beliefs restricting you from your potential. This is a time of stepping into a more emboldened and empowered version of you, but in order to do so, you have to let go of insecurities, repressed fears, self-doubts, and relationships that prevent you from living your life with you front and center. If you want yourself to be seen (as your truest, highest self), then it all starts with you leading the way. Stop diminishing your presence and self-expression.

The four signs below are the ones who could benefit the most from letting go. Read on to find out why and how (and for a release ritual to practice this Full Moon).


With this Leo full moon illuminating your fifth house of creativity, passion and self-expression, you’re being called to lead with your heart and remain authentic to yourself. How are you suppressing your creative voice? How are you not acting in alignment with your truest self? What’s holding you back from expressing your ideas? Why are you afraid of going after your deepest desires? Where are you not allowing your light to shine fully through? The Full Moon in Leo is a time for you to let go of any self-doubts and limiting beliefs that hold you hostage from showing up as the most empowered version of you. What negative thoughts do you hold about yourself? What past criticism have you received from others that you’ve let become part of your narrative? How do you tell yourself you’re not good enough? What labels or people confine you into the place you are now? What are your self-perceived flaws and weaknesses? You need to let go of these in order to live your most loving truth. It’s also crucial for you to work on releasing any creative or sexual blockages. Prioritize your values and wants, and don’t let fear keep you away from the spotlight.


This Full Moon is all about you, Leo, and it’s all about BIG CHANGE. Your first house of identity and self is being activated, giving way for reinvention. Right now it feels like the page is turning onto a new chapter—a new, improved, and truer version of you is aching to emerge from the shadows. As you inch closer to this new era, what is that you need to let go of to step into an updated version of yourself? What do you need to leave behind to move forward? Are there things you need to release in order to start anew? What habits, thought patterns, or relationships have been holding you back from being the empowered person you’ve always envisioned? In order to reinstate faith in yourself and wipe the slate clean, you need to let go of these things and people. It’s in you and you only to spark the change you want to see, and all it all starts with letting go of unhealthy attachments. Take this opportunity the Full Moon is giving you and grab the lead of your own life. Put yourself first, Leo. Your personal revolution awaits.


Virgo, there’s a lot of letting go you need to do on this Full Moon in Leo, as it’s landing in your twelfth house of subconscious, dreams, hidden desires, self-sabotage, endings, and closure. It’s also important for you to start doing the work of shedding the dead weight because the next full moon will be in your sign. You need to release anything that’s holding you back now to successfully place you in that first house of personal reinvention. Take a hard look at ways in which you sabotage your own life, mental well-being, and success. How do you neglect yourself? Where are you placing energy that isn’t reciprocated? Why do you fear being seen as you truly are? How do you sacrifice your own joy for the sake of others? This Full Moon is a time for spiritual growth and self-care—a time to take stock of these limiting habits, thoughts, beliefs, and relationships. Then you need to let go. You may reflect on past experiences and memories that leave you feeling some type of way, but this is good because it’s well past time for you to release emotions you never fully let yourself process.


This Full Moon is a deeply transformative and introspective time for you, Capricorn. The Full Moon in Leo is lighting up your eighth house of death, rebirth, sex, intimacy, wealth, and mystery. Right now the universe is telling you that you need to take a look at what needs to stay and what needs to go. What unhealthy habits, thoughts, and relationships do you need to let die? What self-limiting parts of you do you need to kill in order to undergo your needed transformation? What patterns must be released in order for you to tap into your inner power? Take note of what connections in your life are authentic and in alignment with your truest, highest self, and of which are not. Break away from anything and anyone that goes against your core values or makes you feel like you have to sacrifice parts of who you are. Embrace change, Capricorn. You need to let go of what’s no longer serving you, making you happy, or helping you evolve. Do it, and emerge like a beautiful butterfly from the cocoon you’ve been hiding in.

Release Ritual for Letting Go

1. Set your sacred space. Be sure it’s quiet and calm. Light candles or incense, or use any type of aromatherapy to get you into a soothing meditative state.

2. Connect with yourself. Meditate for as long as you need. Think about what habits, relationships, addictions, patterns, behaviors, exes, situations, or people are no longer serving you for your highest good. Take note of self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living as your most empowered self. Contemplate what blockages you have for achieving your full confident expression of self.

3. Write down what you need to let go of on a piece of paper. Read it aloud to yourself and to the moon.

4. Burn the paper and drop it into a bowl of water. Dispose of outside.

5. Afterwards, take a bath (with your favorite oils, bath bomb, or herbs). As you sit in the bath and let the water run over you, think about new actions you’re going to take instead. What new things are you willing to embrace?

6. Once you’re done with your bath, watch the water drain, and as you do visualize everything you’re letting go of washing down into the drain with it. Picture it making its way away from you.

7. Apply your favorite body butter or moisturizer afterwards, and while you do, think about the new things you’ll be able to welcome now that you’re ridding yourself of the dead weight.

8. Think about what actions you can implement when one of those things tries creeping its way back in. Write them down if you must.

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