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4 Zodiac Signs Who Must Stay Single For The Rest Of November If They Want To Thrive


Single Libras will thrive this month, specifically where it comes to being their own sounding board. Everyone knows how considerate and fair Libras are in relationships, but sometimes they need that time alone to really learn what their tastes, preferences, and convictions are without the input of a partner in the mix. That singular perspective allows them to redecorate their living space, refresh their wardrobe, control what’s on the menu and who makes it onto their social calendar all on their own. People will say Libras don’t know how to be selfish, but their true struggle is often more times than not making decisions on their own. This time outside of a relationship is a crucial experience for them to develop those skills.


Single Tauruses have it the best this month, especially in the arena of non-romantic relationships. This is the time they’ve craved and needed to focus solely on family, friends, and opening themselves up to meeting new people. They have a tendency to prioritize their partner when tied down, and being single is always a rude awakening that they’ve neglected other areas of their lives. They’ll make the time to grab that cocktail with a coworker, have that movie night with their parents that makes them feel like a kid again, and finally take that trip they’ve been talking about with their besties for months. It’s the perfect opportunity to reset their priorities and appreciate all of the wonderful people who make up their support system.


The thing about Cancers that no one realizes is how good they are at flirting, and the reason this trait is such a well-kept secret is that they’re almost never single, and when they are, they know how to find a partner as soon as they’re ready for a new one. This month they are going to purposefully extend their time on the market so they can fully embrace the possibilities around them. When they are paired up, they always establish respectful boundaries when it comes to getting friendly with strangers, but this month is their chance to open up and be as naturally friendly and curious as they want to be without worrying that it will give anyone the wrong idea. They just want to be themselves and see what happens next.


Aquarius is due for some much needed alone time. Their busy schedules combined with their high levels of commitment and devotion in a relationship mean that they are rarely faced with an opportunity to read a book alone in peace and quiet, take a walk, or be alone with their own thoughts. Single Aquarians this month can finally kick off their bucket list of things they’ve been meaning to get to, like getting a facial, learning French, or making homemade pasta. When given the chance to entertain themselves, there is no one better suited to get the job done than Aquarius. The experiences they enjoy now will instruct them to carve out time for themselves in future relationships.

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