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4 Zodiac Signs That Only Show Their True Selves For Truly Worthy Partners

Some zodiacs are always open to finding love – but others are a bit more guarded. They are careful about who they let into their hearts because they don’t want to get hurt again. Here are a few zodiacs who aren’t going to break down their walls and let you in unless they’re sure that you’re worth it:


Scorpios are known for being mysterious. They are hesitant about opening up to others, which is why they keep conversations surface level. They won’t reveal too many details about their own lives or personalities early on in the relationship. They will keep the focus on the other person so they can learn more about them and see whether they are worth the trouble. However, once a Scorpio decides that this person is worth their effort (and worth the risk of getting their heart broken), they are going to be fiercely loyal. They are going to make a commitment and mean it. They take their promises seriously, so once they’re all in, they’re going to open up to you completely. There won’t be anymore secrets.


Taurus are too stubborn to let their walls down for the wrong people. They aren’t going to open up to anyone about their thoughts, feelings, baggage, and past. They are going to wait until they know you better, until they have a sense of your personality and your values. Once they know that they can trust you, without a doubt, they will start giving you more and more pieces of themselves. It will happen gradually. But by the time they decide to commit to you, they won’t hold anything back. They will blurt out every little thing that they’re thinking. They will make sure that you know exactly where they stand. You’ll never be in the dark again.


Aquarius have way too many things on their plate to waste time on the wrong people. If you aren’t worth the trouble, there’s no way they are going to stand around talking to you about their life story. They are only going to break down their walls and let you in if you prove that you’re worth their precious time. After all, they don’t need a relationship to get through the day. They’re perfectly fine on their own. They aren’t actively searching for someone to complete them, but if someone comes along who makes them happy, they will stop being so distant. They will start opening up and really letting this person into their mind. But this is rare. It won’t happen for everyone.


Sagittarius have a wonderful sense of humor – but they will use that humor in order to keep you at an arm’s length. Instead of answering questions seriously and telling stories about their life, they will make jokes and dodge the subject. They aren’t going to open up about their vulnerabilities unless they get to know you and trust you. Of course, once that happens, this sign is going to be incredibly loyal. They are going to be an open book and refuse to hold anything back from you. When it comes to relationships, they believe in complete transparency and consistent communication.

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