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4 Zodiac Signs That Never Take The High Road, But For Valid Reasons

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The reasoning of a Scorpio is simple: they do a quick cost-benefits analysis of who is in their corner and who will throw them under the bus without hesitation. With their penetrating gaze, they can see through the malicious motives of others with ease, and intuitively spot a liar or wolf in sheep’s clothing who’s been deceiving them. If betrayed, the Scorpio is justifiably incensed. Rise above bullies? Please. Scorpio will figuratively drag you by the hair right down to the underworld where you belong.

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Leo may be a drama queen from time to time, but their theatrics don’t mean what they care about isn’t important. To you what constitutes “drama” is actually about their basic rights and boundaries. It’s important not to gaslight them into believing that what they think, feel and deserve aren’t valid especially if they tend to go out of their way to be loyal and generous to you.

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Forgive and forget? I think not. Sagittarius would rather go on a long-lasting, carefully crafted rampage where they rebel against anyone and everyone who disrespects them. They are ruthless in their comebacks to those who try them, and they are cutthroat when it comes to plotting revenge. But usually, they only target predators who are exploiting the innocent so it’s a win-win for society and the greater good.

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Passionate, bold and determined, an Aries may take the high road if it truly aligns with their moral values. But when push comes to shove, they’re the first ones taking off their earrings ready to fight in an epic bar brawl if necessary to defend a friend. You can’t say they’re not loyal and courageous. Get your bail money ready.

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