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4 Zodiac Signs That Mistake Passion For True Love

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Lust, excitement, desire, intensity… all of these emotions are part of romantic passion and can easily be confused for love. Some zodiac signs have a harder time separating love from passion than others. Whether they delight in the thrill of the chase or are desperate to find their forever partner, here are the four zodiac signs that often mistake passion for true love.

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As a fire sign, Aries’ passion burns bright and bold. Although this zodiac doesn’t mind being single and thrives on independence, Aries also enjoys falling in love. They enjoy sweeping the object of their affection off their feet and getting caught up in a whirlwind romance.

Since this zodiac sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of war and aggression, Aries views potential romantic partners as conquests to be won. They pursue the object of their desire with such fervor that their determination can certainly be confused with love.

The typical Aries is headstrong and impulsive, especially in matters of the heart. They move quickly in romance, taking relationships from zero to one hundred overnight. Aries is perhaps the sign most likely to get married in Las Vegas the same day they meet someone at the casino, or book a trip overseas with a partner they’ve only been dating for a week.

But just as a lit match burns out within seconds, so can Aries’ passion. Once the excitement ends and the freshness fades, they want their freedom back and move on quickly.

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Cancer is a water sign, and water signs are known for being sensitive and emotional. Cancers feel their feelings deeply, and when they fall in love, they fall completely head over heels. They enjoy being coupled up and are happiest in a committed relationship. They make devoted partners and their passion is intense.

However, they experience emotions like lust and excitement just as profoundly as love (or hatred, for that matter). Since all their sensations are amplified, it’s easy for them to mistake the rush of a crush for true love… regardless of whether the object of their affection reciprocates their feelings.

The love life of the typical Cancer is an emotional roller coaster – they experience high highs and low lows. They fall in love quickly, but it takes a long time for their feelings to fade after a breakup. They often mistake passion for love, thinking they’ve found “the one” with anyone who sparks a connection with them.

But this sweet naivety makes Cancers so adorable and easy to love – they yearn for true love and believe in it so strongly that they always get back up on their feet, no matter how many times bad relationships with false starts knock them down.

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Leo is symbolized by the proud lion, the king of the jungle. Although this zodiac sign thrives on attention and knows how to play hard to get, they have no problem being the aggressor in relationships. Like a lion stalking its prey, they adore the thrill of the chase. They tend to love-bomb the object of their affection, showering them with lavish gifts, over-the-top compliments, and fabulous experiences.

Sometimes, though, the chase is the most exciting part of a relationship for Leos. Once they’ve won someone over, they may find that the spark is gone and they no longer want to pursue the romance. The passion they confused for love fades quickly, and it becomes apparent that it was never true love at all.

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Pisces is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, and Pisces people never settle for anything less than a soulmate connection in their relationships. However, it’s very easy for them to confuse passion for true love, so they can find a soulmate connection in almost anyone. They are so eager for love that they ignore bright red flags, allowing their emotions to take over and let them fall for the wrong people.

It doesn’t help that Pisces is guided by Neptune, the planet of illusion, fantasy, and confusion. Pisces people get caught up in their daydreams and fantasies, confusing fact with fiction and lust for love. They can easily envision a future with their crush, so they think it must be bound to happen.

But Pisces people are highly intuitive and good at following their instincts. Once they realize their partner isn’t the soulmate they seek, they regretfully let go so they can find the one they are truly meant to be with

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