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4 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Aquarius Soulmates

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Aquarius is the great dreamer and visionary of the zodiac. They have a unique perspective on life because they stand out from the crowd.

The water-bearer also carries with them a bundle of complementary traits that makes them complete within themselves:

They are individualistic without being antisocial. Intelligent without being cocky. Kind without being syrupy. Friendly without being overbearing. They are highly focused and yet effortlessly able to multitask.

In one sense, they have such a wide-ranging skill set that they can get along well in life entirely by themselves. But in the event that they want or even crave a soulmate, they need to find someone who will respect their independent streak.

Here are the four signs who make the best soulmates for Aquarius.

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1. Aquarius

You shouldn’t be surprised that the best match for an Aquarius is, well, another Aquarius. This isn’t because Aquarius needs a clone of themselves or someone who agrees with them on everything. It’s more in the spirit of “great minds think alike.” Aquarians are defined by their uniqueness, and in the literal sense, the word “unique” doesn’t mean “atypical”—it means “one of a kind.” That’s why someone can’t technically be “very” unique—they’re either unique, or they’re not. So two Aquarians can be uniquely different from one another, and they will appreciate this. They will also, without needing to be asked or reminded, respect one another’s independence and individuality.

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2. Gemini

As air signs, Gemini and Aquarius are both intelligent, curious, open-minded, and non-judgmental. Since they both crave new information and novel experiences like most organisms need air and water, they will find one another endlessly fascinating, stimulating, invigorating, and never boring. They are able to talk late into the night and early into the morning. With them, a conversation, never ends—it just gets put on hold when life’s distractions require them to pay attention to something else. Aquarius will admire Gemini’s ability to communicate and articulate complicated concepts. As one of the flakiest and most restless signs of the zodiac, Gemini will value Aquarius’s wisdom and rationality.

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3. Sagittarius

A bold and passionate fire sign, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet that inhabits the ninth house of new horizons and governs ideas, possibilities, and an unquenchable drive for fun, exploration, and adventure. These traits perfectly complement Aquarius’s innate open-mindedness and curiosity. Both signs are adaptable, agreeable, and know how to get close to someone without suffocating them and how to bridge differences peaceably before they explode into arguments. This makes Sagittarius the best sign for Aquarius to travel around the world with, to collaborate creatively with, and to expand the limits of one another’s imagination.

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4. Leo

As opposite signs on the zodiac wheel, pairing Aquarius with Leo can be one of those once-in-a-lifetime romances where it only takes two pieces to solve a puzzle. Since they fill in one another’s gaps, they tend to draw out the best in one another. Leo is zealous, while Aquarius is cautious. Leo is an extrovert, while Aquarius is an introvert. Leo is pragmatic, while Aquarius is creative. Leo is the optimist, while Aquarius is the altruist. Leo does the scheming, while Aquarius does the dreaming. When Leo gets a bit too arrogant, Aquarius can put them in their place without being insulting. When Aquarius gets carried away with flights of fancy, Leo can bring them back to earth.

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