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4 Zodiac Signs That Feel Sorrowful as Winter Approaches

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It’s that time when you feel autumn’s arrival in an unexpectedly chilly September morning or notice it’s darker just after dinner than a week ago.”

According to a recent poll, two out of five Americans say that fall is their favorite season. But whether those people want to admit it or not, winter is when things are dead, spring is when things start to live again, summer is when everything is most fully alive, and the first hint of fall is the first sign that things are starting to die again. Summer is when most adults go on vacation, because it’s when you can go to the beach without bundling up or go mountain-climbing without the threat of being trapped in a snowstorm.

Throughout childhood, summer is also the time when school is out and homework takes a vacation, so it’s a mystery to the summer-loving adults among us why anyone would prefer any season over summer.

Here are the four zodiacs who get teary-eyed and wistful as the summertime draws to its inevitable close. It’s no coincidence that it’s the four signs whose birthdays are most likely to be within the summer months (although Gemini’s date range starts in late spring and Virgo’s ends right as autumn begins). These four signs entered this life under bright sunshine, warm days, and endless cuddles from their family members, and summer’s end feels like a small death to them. They probably don’t like falling leaves, they are likely to dread darker afternoons, and they may even hate the smell of pumpkin spice.

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1. Gemini

Although the Twins are often at odds, one thing they definitely agree on is that spring and summer are the best times of year, whereas fall and winter send literal chills up their spine. As the days grow shorter and the high temperatures start creeping lower, they brace themselves for six months of punishment. They prefer light over darkness and warmth over cold, and they may think anyone who doesn’t feel the same way is insane. All of their happiest memories happened under bright blue skies or during warm summer nights: the barbecues, the fireworks, the baseball games, and the wild road trips with the windows rolled down and their lover’s hot body sidled right up next to them.

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2. Cancer

The Crab’s reign starts on June 21—the longest day of the year—and it extends through most of July, a month which usually boasts the year’s hottest days. Out of all the star signs, Cancers are the quintessential summer babies. They are the most emotional of all the signs because all that heat thaws out their emotions, sometimes to the boiling point. They love waking up to the sound of children playing outside, and depending on where they live, they are lulled to sleep by the endless crashing of waves or the hypnotic, symphonic buzz of cicadas and other summer insects. But as much as summertime brings them joy, the first sight of someone walking by in a sweater can bring them to tears.

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3. Leo

Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun—can it possibly get any more summery than that? To them, summer means evading responsibility so they can languidly swing in a hammock on a cloudless day, run through fields of tall grass barely clothed or totally nude, get Italian water ice at a quaint little roadside stand, and feel the energy pulsing through them as every living thing, whether plant or animal, basks in the sun at peak intensity. As the summer starts to end, it feels like a romance slowly falling apart, and even the mighty Lion can’t help but shed a tear.

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4. Virgo

Although a practical Earth sign by nature, Virgos can’t help but feel a little sappy and corny when they realize that the planet is slowly turning away from the sunlight and toward the vast darkness of outer space for a couple seasons. Although spring is when people fall in love and summer is when love is in full bloom, Virgo associates the autumn and winter with heartbreak and loneliness. All the hot apple cider, hayrides, pumpkin pie, and Halloween candy in the world won’t be able to atone for that gapingly icy feeling inside their hearts when they realize that summertime is slowly and quietly creeping to an end.

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