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4 Zodiac Signs That Do Not Have the Courage to End a Relationship

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Some zodiac signs will not end their relationship even when they realize that it is not working.

And the main reason is the fear that he could hurt his partner. They don’t want to cause pain, so they will continue longer than they should in a relationship with no future.

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Here are the signs that feel guilty when they have to end the relationship:


Pisces simply want everyone to be happy. Seeing others happy is what brings them joy. And when those around them experience moments of sadness, these natives with a special empathy feel their pain. It is especially valid for the people they got close to or those they consider true friends. It is difficult for Pisces to end a relationship because they cannot bear to be the cause of negative emotions. For this reason, I stay too long in a relationship doomed to failure.

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People born under the Libra sign are positive and bright. The goal of these natives is to bring joy and positive emotions wherever they go. Unfortunately, this also means that it is very difficult for them to support their point of view and say what they really think. Libra finds it difficult to end a relationship because they don’t want to be the “negative character”. She doesn’t want to seem cruel and lacking in empathy. Even if it is not wrong when they do what is good for them, these natives will feel that they are making a major mistake, hurting the person next to them. They can convince themselves that the relationship is a good one, even if the truth is different. They will force themselves to focus on the positive parts and completely ignore the negative ones, although they have every right to leave.

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These natives want to keep a fun and relaxed atmosphere. They feel uncomfortable when it’s time to have a serious discussion, which is why a breakup is the last thing they would do. Because they feel guilty about ending the relationship, they will stay even if they are tempted to leave. Even when they are convinced that the relationship is doomed to failure, Sagittarius natives want to have fun with their partner for as long as possible. They want to create pleasant memories, not sad ones.

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Taurus hates change. If they feel comfortable in a relationship, even when it is not fully satisfactory, these natives will hesitate to end it. They cannot bear the negative emotions and radical changes that appear at the end of a chapter in their lives. Instead, they prefer to live in their bubble and pretend that everything is fine, instead of facing reality. Even if they are aware that it would be better to give up on a partner who does not bring them happiness, they will allow themselves to be dominated by guilt. But the longer the inevitable is postponed, the greater the pain will be.

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