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4 Zodiac Signs That Confuse Lust With Love

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Some zodiacs get swept up in the passion that hookups and flings bring. They have trouble differentiating between true love and temporary lust that is bound to fade in a few weeks, or even days. Here are a few zodiacs who commonly mistake lust for love:


Aries fall hard and fast, so they never stop to think through the compatibility between them and their partners. They trust that their heart is leading them in the right direction instead of checking in with what their minds have to say on the matter. Since Aries are so passionate about every relationship (or fling) that they’re apart of, they feel like this is the best experience of their life. They feel like nothing can top it. They feel like they’ve finally found their forever. So they sit back and enjoy the ride. They make the most of their time together, so when it ends, they might be surprised – but they still had a good time.

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Cancers are hopeless romantics. They want to find someone who fits them well and start building a life together. Since hookups are never on their mind, they assume that every relationship they enter is going to end in a marriage proposal. They assume that they’re both in this situation for the long run. They won’t even question whether their partner is on the same page because they’ll assume that their strong feelings are reciprocated. Since they are so excited about the chance to fall in love, sometimes they rush to the conclusion and think that they’re in love when it’s only lust. Sometimes they can’t even recognize their own feelings because they so baldy want to settle down and will ignore any red flags.

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Libras will fall in love a thousand times – but whenever it happens, they feel like it’s the last time. They feel like they’ve finally found their forever. However, as time passes they will start to realize that this person might only be a temporary part of their world – and that’s okay. As much as it hurts a Libra to end a relationship, there’s also some excitement in the knowledge that they’re going to get to fall in love again in the future. There are so many special people out there who are deserving of love, and Libras are happy to go find them. After all, if this is how amazing lust feels, just imagine how incredible loving the right person must be.

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Leos are always searching for someone who will spoil them rotten – so when they find someone who’s interested, they’re excited to see what their future will bring. They are loyal to a fault, so they can get attached pretty quickly and start picturing a life together. However, they are also super confident, so they aren’t going to fall apart when they realize this was only lust and not love – but it might take them a while to come to this conclusion. They might not realize that the relationship is only temporary because they’re distracted by the passion and excitement that meeting someone new brings.

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