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4 Zodiac Signs That Can’t Resist Men Who Love Playing Mind Games

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No one wants to fall for someone who plays mind games — but the heart wants what the heart wants. Unfortunately, no matter how high your standards are, you might end up stuck crushing on someone (or in a relationship with someone) who is making things much more complicated than they need to be. Here are the zodiacs who keep falling for men who play mind games:

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Even though you have incredibly high standards, somehow you keep falling for people who play mind games — and you’re tired of it. You’re a straightforward person who always tells the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it might feel, so you’re searching for someone who will be transparent with you from day one. You aren’t interested in anyone who is fake and plays pretend instead of being clear about what they want. And you certainly don’t want someone who plays mind games in order to ‘prove’ how invested you are in the relationship. You want a connection that’s based on mutual trust and honesty.

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You keep falling for people who play mind games because they always come across as so genuine at first. You keep getting tricked — and while you might feel foolish for not seeing the signs earlier, you should be proud of how earnest you are. It’s why you expect that same authenticity from everyone else. Remember, it’s not your fault that people keep trying to play games with your heart. You aren’t doing anything wrong. You shouldn’t blame yourself when they are the ones who are guilty. Although it’s terrifying to think history will keep repeating itself over and over again, there are people out there who are actually as genuine as they seem.

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You’re a romantic at heart, so when you fall, you fall hard. Unfortunately, a lot of the time the people you end up interested in dating love playing mind games with you. While you aren’t afraid to fight for what you want, you aren’t looking for a partner who makes you jump through hoops in order to please them. You aren’t looking for a relationship where you feel like you’re constantly being challenged to prove how much you care or how much you want to be with them. You want a genuine, honest relationship where you both ask for what you need instead of making each other guess.

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You keep falling for people who play mind games, but you aren’t interested in joining in on them. You are lighthearted and fun ninety-nine percent of the time, but you are going to put your foot down when someone tries to mess with you. You are going to make sure they know you aren’t going to stand for such childish behavior. You’re way too mature for it. But still, you keep dealing with this over and over again. It’s way more common than you would like, but that doesn’t mean everyone out there will act like this. Eventually, you’ll find someone who is authentic and real.

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