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4 Zodiac Signs That Can Cook A Meal You’ll Forever Crave

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There are so many different ways to explore a kitchen; new gadgets, unique flavor profiles, fun cuisines, and so much more. Food has the ability to tell a story as we taste herbs grown from our mother’s garden, slice tomatoes harvested from a local farm, and test traditional dishes from countries oceans away.

Not to mention, a singular dish brings not only warm, wonderful nourishment to our bodies but it brings us closer to the ones we hold dear. Recipes transcend lineages and put us in touch with our ancestors. Homemade comforts bring joy and peace to our family and friends. New bold flavors impress romantic interests and score us second dates.

Cooking is full of heart, zest, and a little bit of cracked pepper. And while it’s not everyone’s forte, these four zodiac signs are likely to make you a meal you’ll never forget and always crave.

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April 20th – May 20th

One of the most dependable signs, Taurus is certain to cook you a meal that makes you feel seen and cared for. Their down-to-earth nature and creative spirit connect them to the rich flavor profiles you need to produce a delicious meal. Furthermore, any Taurus loves being in nature and tending to a comforting garden, meaning fresh herbs and vegetables to share. It doesn’t hurt that they’re lovers, meaning they enjoy making you food that will fill your stomach and your heart. All meals from a Taurus are made with love and are certainly ones you’ll never forget.

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August 23rd – September 22nd

While Virgos can be hard to get close to, once you’re in their inner circle, you come to understand their large heart and kind nature. They are driven, meticulous workers with the intention to contribute to the greater good and help others around them. Both of these characteristics contribute to why Virgos make amazing cooks. For one, they’re deeply invested in the wellbeing of those they care about which is why cooking for others may be one of their love languages– they want you to feel full and cared for. Not to mention, their hardworking, determined nature means they’re not afraid to keep trying even if they fail. They will return to the kitchen time and time again to refine their skills, try new foods and flavors, and perfect their signature dishes. I guarantee you, a meal made by a Virgo is one that never disappoints.

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September 23rd – October 22nd

Balance… the one word that describes a Libra’s essence entirely. A Libra’s desire to find harmony in all things translates to their cooking too as they marry ingredients together creating a perfectly seasoned dish. Libras are lovers and aim to bring a calm sense to the people they care for which is why cooking for loved ones is one of their favorite pastimes. If you find yourself in a kitchen with a Libra, you’ll be amazed by their graceful nature as they move between pot to pan to oven. They’re not easily stressed and bring a gentleness to all that they touch which is why they make an easygoing and enjoyable chef. Prepare yourself to taste one of the best meals of your life if you’re lucky enough to have a libra close to cook for you.

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January 20th – February 18th

Often deemed introverted and shy, an Aquarius can be difficult to connect with at first. However, once you get to know them better, it’s easy to see how fiercely they love and how passionate they are about helping others. For an Aquarius, cooking is often something they enjoy doing alone while they recharge. They find themselves reading cookbooks, tapping into new dishes, and nourishing themselves with comforting meals. But every once in a while when they feel the spark of inspiration, they’ll invite you into their delicious ritual. Because of their humanitarian essence, providing a meal for the ones they love brightens their aura like never before. A meal cooked by and share with an Aquarius is one you’ll be left craving for a lifetime to come.

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