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4 Zodiac Signs That Are Loners But Also Love People

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Some people are purely antisocial either because people don’t like them, they don’t like people, or it’s a sad and toxic combination of the two.

Some people can’t stand to be alone, possibly because they’re afraid of their own thoughts or simply because they feel better surrounded by the cheering warmth of others.

Then you have people who aren’t antisocial at all. They love interacting with others, and others love interacting with them. But there’s a special part of them that often craves solitude, and for a number of reasons. Maybe they simply like to switch gears from time to time, sort of like a band member who will do the occasional solo acoustic gig. You might call these types “people-loving loners.” For them, spending some alone time is a matter of choice. Like the beautiful Hollywood film siren Greta Garbo declared ages ago in multiple movies“I want to be alone.” That’s much different than saying, “I always wind up alone because no one wants to be around me.” It’s the crucial difference between wanting to be alone and being lonely against your will.

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The following four zodiac signs are people who never have to be alone unless they want to be. It’s just that, well, they want to be alone a lot of the time.

1. Aquarius

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When meeting an Aquarius, you’ll be struck at how kind, considerate, and compassionate they are. You’ll also learn very quickly that they have a giant network of friends and associates, none of whom ever has a bad word to say about them. But over time you’ll also realize there’s a quiet part of them that almost seems entirely shut off to the world. This is because there’s a rarefied and noble element to Aquarians that is entirely put off by drama queens, attention whores, and anyone who’s loud, flashy, and crass. As with Capricorns, they have a ton of work to finish, a lot of thinking to do, and hobnobbing with everyone or catering to the endless demands of needy people only muddies the water for them.

2. Capricorn

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A mutable Earth sign, Capricorn can seem like the sweetest, funniest, nicest, and most generous person you’ll ever want to meet. They are not antisocial in the least and will often go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and appreciated. But since they are also the hardest-working and most goal-oriented sign in the zodiac, when it comes to getting a project done, everyone else just gets in the way. Capricorns have learned the hard way that hardly anyone is as capable, passionate, and dedicated as they are. So when it comes to business-related matters and reaching personal goals, they fly solo every time.

3. Pisces

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A water sign ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy, Pisces is the zodiac’s great dreamer. If they could spend their entire life blissfully asleep while being entertained by the dazzling tapestries they enjoy in the coziness of their own personal dreamland, they’d do it. But like the other signs on this list, they are not typically antisocial. They love hanging around other people and hearing new and unique perspectives—especially if you’re entertaining. But no matter what song you’re singing to a Pisces, sometimes the music they hear inside their head sounds much better to them.

4. Virgo

An Earth sign ruled by Mercury—the planet of communication—Virgos are shy by nature, so instead of communicating with others, they often prefer to spend time lost amid the vast canyons of their own thoughts. They don’t mind going to parties or attending social events, but like all introverts, they simply find it a little draining and need some “alone time” to recharge. And this isn’t due to being misanthropic; it’s a matter of their own personal insecurities. They tend to be self-conscious, even when people are complimenting them and are glad to have them around. So they love people; it’s just that they’re not always sure the feeling is mutual.

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