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4 Zodiac Signs That Are Horrible At Online Dating


Cancer, you’re big on emotional connection. While it’s not impossible to find that online, you might start feeling burnt out before you can get there. Between being ghosted or just struggling through the same get-to-know-you conversations over and over again, you might start to feel like you’ll never find your perfect match. You’re a romantic sign, Cancer, and you shouldn’t have to feel like dating is a chore.

You’re better suited towards finding people IRL if you’re able to. Pick up a few new hobbies or ask your friends if they know anybody who’s single, and you might be able to make a new romantic connection sooner than you think. If you do head back to the online dating pool, choose apps that are more focused on building a detailed profile with others who are searching for meaningful relationships. This will help you form genuine connections with the people you match with. You might even want to try out dating meetups or singles’ nights in your area – and don’t be afraid to bring a friend or two with you!


You might feel the need to approach online dating the same way you do everything else, Virgo: by giving it all your attention and scanning your prospects meticulously. This will definitely help you catch any red flags and sort your options more easily, but you might be too analytical right away. Even if your online dating options don’t perfectly match the person you have in your head, Virgo, they don’t have to – the beauty of dating apps is that they allow you to match with all sorts of individuals so you can find romance where you least expect it.

When you do find your perfect match, you still tend to overthink things. You might find yourself trying to figure out exactly how much time you need to leave within responses or overthinking what you’re texting. The stress of presenting yourself properly can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t get the chance to meet your matches in real life before you start chatting. You might find yourself never making it to the first meetup – either your own self-criticism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, or you start to overthink your matches and decide they’re not the right fit for you before you even see them face-to-face.


Scorpio, you value deep and intimate connections. You aren’t afraid to show your true self right from the first date, but showing your personality in just a few sentences on a dating profile can feel daunting to you. Plus, it can be awkward (and sometimes a little impolite) to get straight to the deep stuff when you’re meeting someone online for the first time – dating app messages aren’t the best place to really get to know somebody.

For you, the worst part of online dating is the ease with which others are able to hide their true selves. You’re good at reading other people, but figuring them out from behind the screen can be a lot harder. This can leave you feeling led on and disappointed when you meet up with people in real life, or it will make you so cynical that you’ll lack trust in your matches and end up avoiding a real-life date regardless. You’re probably better off sticking with meeting people naturally so that you can judge your connection straight away without wasting anyone’s time.


Capricorn, you might find the nuances of online dating to be tricky. You tend to be less of a flirt and more of someone who gets straight to the serious stuff; you want a partner that you can be yourself with, and you also tend to gravitate towards people who you can form a more serious relationship with. You want someone who shares your values, and finding somebody who matches your goals online is much easier said than done.

Additionally, Capricorn, you can sometimes come off as stoic. You’re dedicated to the ones you love and would do anything for them, but your serious nature can make you imposing to others online. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, Capricorn – it’s a part of your sign’s personality and makes you a valuable partner. But it also means that you might find more luck meeting somebody for the first time in real life, where they can chat with you and get to know you face-to-face. You’re a traditionalist after all, and there’s nothing wrong with an IRL meet-cute.

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