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4 Zodiac Signs That Always Feel Like They Are Walking On Eggshells

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Nearly everyone is familiar with the term “walking on eggshells,” but it’s a very odd turn of phrase when you think about it. First off, have you ever seen anyone walking on eggshells? And if we’re just talking about the shells, what’s the big deal? If you walk on eggshells and are wearing protective footwear, the biggest risk would be a mild crunching sound, one that probably wouldn’t even wake up a light sleeper. Shouldn’t people be more afraid of walking on eggs? If the eggs are raw, in their shell, and aren’t hard-boiled, one can make a hell of a mess walking on eggs—far more than one would by walking on eggshells.

All kidding aside, it’s also unclear where the term arose. It’s widely understood that “walking on eggshells” means “tiptoeing around cautiously, trying not to wake anyone.”

If a person is constantly walking on eggshells, this means they are cautious, wary, worried, self-conscious, and maybe burdened with an exaggerated sense of responsibility. Or maybe they’re just afraid of offending others.

Here are the four zodiac signs who can’t shake the feeling that they’re always walking on eggshells.

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1. Virgo

The great overthinkers of the zodiac, Virgos are ruled by Mercury, which is frequently associated with perfectionism and an obsessive attention to detail. This leads to worrying, which leads to anxiety, which leads them to be extra-critical of themselves and perhaps a little bit too forgiving of everyone else. If they send someone a compliment via text, they simply can’t move onto anything else without fixating on whether the compliment will be well-received. Did I come on too strong? Too soft? Will they take it the wrong way? When I said, “You’re one of the best people I know,” did they think I was being ironic and was really insulting them? What if they block me? Virgo doesn’t need to take a chill pill—they need to take a whole bottle of chill pills.

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2. Capricorn

An Earth sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of hardworking pragmatists, the Goat seeks to be the GOAT—Greatest Of All Time—in everything they do. This, of course, can spill over into a whole jumbled mess of neuroticism. They set standards for themselves that are so high, one could faint from the lack of oxygen way up there. Since success drives them like a conductor drives a train, they are always fretting and fussing and freaking about whether they could have done a little better, tried a little harder, or pleased someone just a little bit more. They can be cautious to the point of immobilizing themselves.

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3. Cancer

An absurdly emotional water sign ruled by the moon—and the word “lunar” has the same root as the word “lunatic,” look it up if you don’t believe me—Cancers are known to avoid going within 100 miles of henhouses for fear of accidentally tiptoeing on an eggshell. They can’t rest even when they’re asleep, they’re fidgety, restless, nervous, fearful, and uptight when they wake up, and sometimes they suffer from insomnia due to a morbid dread that if they cease being vigilant and allow themselves to softly drift into slumber, they may never wake up again. Not only do they worry; they worry whether they worry too much, and on top of that, they worry about whether that makes them sound crazy.

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4. Pisces

Although symbolized by the fish, Pisces should really be represented by the groundhog, since they tend to be afraid of their own shadow. While they are often able to maintain a calm exterior, inside they can be a bubblin’, burblin’, cracklin’ cauldron of stress, anxiety, dread, worry, and an overwhelmingly morbid sense that somewhere, somehow, they’re going to say or do the wrong thing and mess up their lives forever. What they don’t realize—and this is why I’m here to help—is that their only real problem is that they fantasize too much about imaginary problems. Once they realize that, they’ll find that life is as easy as melted butter dripping down a stack of hot pancakes.

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