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4 Zodiac Signs Still in Love With Their Ex

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Cancers are likely to feel hurt and rejected when their partners break up with them. Thus, they are prone to retreating into their hiding places and licking their wounds. They may hurry to get into the arms of a new partner to get over their ex; however, they will likely dwell on their feelings from the past. Sometimes, Cancerians prefer to retreat to the memories of their past flame to self-soothe and mend some of the brokenness they may feel from the breakup. It can also be easy for Cancerians to be friends with their exes. As such, this amicable and friendly zodiac sign may find that while maintaining friendships with their exes, they end up stirring up some residual feelings.

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Pisces have a hard time moving on, and they tend to feel pretty devastated after a breakup. Many of them overthink themselves into a rut and mull over what occurred in the relationship. They are also likely to bottle up their emotions so no one finds out how they truly feel about their ex — they still like them and would value their friendship. Thus, Pisces often stay in contact with their exes, whether by texting them or going to social events to see them. Pisces have a hard time letting things go. It is in Pisces’ nature to hold out hope for reconciliation. This can also mean they tend to stay focused in the past, and thus, are unlikely to get over an ex quickly.

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Aries is one of the zodiac signs who don’t let themselves grieve through a breakup, and they tend to prefer moving on pretty quickly. However, their attempt to skip right over grief is a hindrance. It prevents them from fully processing and moving on from their ex-partner. Aries are also the type of people to keep a diverse set of friends and relationships (including exes) around them. However, Aries has to learn that not everyone is helpful for their personal growth, especially when it comes to staying in contact with exes. Thus, Aries have the tendency to chase after former lovers even when the relationship is well over. This could mean anything from texting their former lover for a late-night hookup to grabbing coffee with a past flame.

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Taurus hates being alone, and they’d rather seek out comfort in the arms of an ex-partner to tide over any painful feelings of loneliness. Rather than being alone for the holidays or for that weekend night, Taurus is most likely to hit up an ex in order to bide the time and to feel a sense of belonging. Due to these behaviors, however, Taurus may find themselves wondering if their ex would take them back and this can result in Taurus chasing after their ex in the process. They may ask if their ex is dating someone new or try to join mutual friend circles. They can also be prone to stalking their exes’ social media accounts to stay up to date with their ex’s new partner. Thus, Taurus has a high chance of moving on very slowly because they have a tendency to want to stay effortlessly in touch — all while maintaining their distance and their cool.

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