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4 Zodiac Signs Most Unsatisfied With Life This

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Have you ever wondered why two people can be living under the exact same circumstances, but one of them is happy and the other one is miserable? It almost seems as if people’s personalities are like stringed instruments with different tunings—some people’s strings always seem tuned to play a happy jig on a fiddle, while others are always playing a sad song on a lonely violin, even on a sunny day.

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Much of this may have to do with their birth date. Sometimes the alignment of the stars and planets can predetermine someone’s outlook on life. Here are the four zodiac signs who, no matter their situation, tend to be absolutely miserable.

1. Cancer

Ruled by the moon, Cancers are widely known as one of the most emotional of all the star signs. Despite the Crab’s superficially hard exterior, inside them rages a sea of emotion and insecurity. No matter how attractive, brilliant, or successful they are, they tend to never feel worthy of it. No matter how much love and adulation they get, they are often crippled by a deep and tragic fear of rejection. This is why they are prone to self-sabotage. If the world tells someone that they are great, but that person is riddled with self-doubt, those around them will eventually pick up on their insecurity and start to drift away from them. In this regard, Cancers would do well to tune out the inner voice that tells them they’re worthless and listen to everyone around them who tells then they’re great.

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2. Sagittarius

Because Sagittarians set unreasonably high goals for themselves, they always wind up feeling unsatisfied despite how much they achieve. They always feel like Sisyphus in the Greek myth—despite how hard he struggled to get the boulder to the top of the hill, it rolled all the way back down right before he was finished. Sagittarians feel surrounded by incompetence. They often feel as if they’re moving at normal speed, while everything else around them is going in slow motion. Although Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky was not a Sagittarius, he encapsulates their perpetually dissatisfied mindset perfectly in this line from Notes From Underground: “It is clear to me now that, owing to my unbounded vanity and to the high standard I set for myself, I often looked at myself with furious discontent.”

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3. Gemini

At times, Geminis can be tremendously satisfied with life, but it’s almost always temporary. This is due to their restless, risk-taking nature and the fact that they get easily bored. They’re always out in the field during springtime picking pretty flowers, but as soon as the newest pretty flower starts to wilt, they toss it aside for a newer, better pretty flower. By its very nature, satisfaction is a condition of stasis, of contentment, of feeling rooted. To someone who thrives on constant change, satisfaction almost feels like a jail cell. This can be tremendously frustrating and heartbreaking to those who love a Gemini, whereas the Twins don’t seem to understand why they’re complaining. After all, it’s in a Twin’s nature to change their mind.

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4. Leo

At first glance, it seems contradictory that the Lion, a fire sign who is ruled by the sun and marches boldly from one victory to the other, would be on this list. But it their very drive and determination that leads to their discontent. No matter how much they achieve, it’s never enough. There’s always more work to be done. They can never rest, never relax, and never take a break, because they fear that if they do, they’ll miss a golden opportunity. In a Leo’s mind, one defeat can erase a thousand victories. This is the primary curse of being so success-driven that you never feel successful.

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