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These 4 zodiac signs love long-term relationships

Some people are always in relationships, others enjoy being single. The horoscope reveals which zodiac signs are most common in long-term relationships

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Taurus is one of the down-to-earth and practical-minded zodiac signs. They are looking for someone they are convinced that the relationship will last over the long term. When this zodiac sign finds someone who will meet all their expectations and provide them with stability and passion, Taurus will hold on to it. In order to keep the relationship going and to prove their love for their loved one, Taurus-borns surprise their partner with small gifts, such as a romantic dinner or a weekend getaway for two.


Cancer-borns are very empathetic and in tune with their feelings. This zodiac sign would therefore never invest its time and energy in a relationship in which it sees no future. Because Cancers are real family people, they look for people with whom they not only have many things in common but with whom they feel connected.


For fear of being disappointed, Scorpios open up to other people very slowly. So when this zodiac sign finds a partner who offers them emotional security, they hold on to the partnership – at all times. Unfortunately, Scorpio-born people also tend to hold onto broken relationships, even though they know it is not good for them.


This zodiac sign has no problem being single. That is why Capricorns only enter into a firm bond if they are convinced that it will last in the long term and if they can imagine marriage and children with their partner. Capricorns are very structured and cerebral. You’re not the type to get into relationships. Instead, they are very careful and think carefully before giving someone their time and energy.

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