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4 zodiac signs that don’t check if you flirt with them

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Well, sometimes it’s really hard to tell whether someone is flirting or just being nice. But even with the heaviest flirt, these 4 zodiac signs don’t understand what’s going on. They’re just bad at correctly recognizing the signs of a flirt, no matter how obvious.

It is like lying to them. Because when you lie, you don’t always know directly that the other person is lying. It’s hard to believe, but it is just as difficult for these people to realize that they are being turned on by someone. They may be a little too blue-eyed to recognize that someone is into them. Or they just have other things on their minds that keep them from loosening up.

There are also studies that have shown that women are less likely to recognize flirting attempts than men. Is the guy just nice or does he like me? Is the woman trying to flirt with me or does she really just need some help parking? In this study, 40 percent of men correctly assessed flirting. In contrast, it was only 20 percent for women. 

Would you have thought that?

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So if you are a woman and also belongs to one of these 4 zodiac signs, then you are probably not very good at recognizing a man’s flirt signals. Here are the zodiac signs that just don’t check when you flirt with them:

The Pisces – too shy and naive when flirting

The fish is extremely imaginative and likes to dive into its own thoughts. When flirting, however, he is rather shy and sometimes even a little naive to really understand what his counterpart is trying to do. He doesn’t immediately believe that someone might be interested in him. In addition, he is often too absorbed in his world of thoughts to really question the behavior of his counterpart. 

By the time a fish has realized that they have flirted with them, their flirting partner is usually long gone. When it comes to flirting, the fish is not a bright light. But when it comes to intuitively recognizing whether a person suits him or not, the fish is at the forefront. He will never let the person he thinks is the right partner by his side. He will stay and fight for him.

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The Aries – What Is Subtle Flirting?

The ram expects his flirt partner to show him that he is interested. He can’t do anything with subtle flirting attempts or unsafe behavior. Either his counterpart is playing with open cards or the ram will not recognize that it is a flirt. 

This asterisk likes engagement and actually wants nothing else than that. If someone is too shy to show their interest, the ram will forever consider that someone a platonic friend and never a potential lover. Only those who really dare can tell the ram that they are currently chasing it.

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The Libra – just a touch too diplomatic

If the setting does not fit, the scale will never be able to identify a flirt. At a meeting or a sports class, she doesn’t expect anyone to try to flirt with her. Even at the supermarket checkout, she would never expect to be turned on. 

And that is exactly the problem with the scale. Some believe that flirting is simply not made for the Libra. Because the Libra needs an environment that is suitable for flirting and it must receive clear signals from its counterpart in order to recognize that there is interest. Flirting with strangers is also a bit uncomfortable. That’s why she quickly suggests that you get to know each other better first. In more serious relationships, however, it finally seems to warm up – ironically. Then she realizes that she actually likes to be hugged by others.

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The Capricorn – his career always comes first

The Capricorn is a particularly ambitious and success-oriented zodiac sign, as we all know. The flirt simply has no place in his life. Why do you need a hot affair or a short flirt at a party? There is no time for that at all. Capricorn doesn’t want to waste any of the valuable time he needs to achieve his clearly set goals and pursue his extremely structured plan. 

He is just extremely focused on his job and career. So if you want to convince him of yourself, then you should make factual arguments and try to convince him with his intellect and intelligence. Capricorn will only wave off flirt sayings in confusion. Compliments about his success or hard work, on the other hand, will flatter him. It is also very likely that the first date will be like a business lunch. If the whole thing is too career-oriented and too unromantic, you should rather stay away from an ibex.

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