Zodiac Signs


The stars reveal to us which are the zodiac signs that we should fear in pairs. They don’t have any qualms about breaking your heart if that’s what they want.

The zodiac sign defines us. Each of us has a unique personality and distinctive traits but some traits are common to natives of the same sign. The stars can tell us which are the signs capable of showing the worst of themselves in love.

When you think of love, you focus on a beautiful and joyful feeling, and yet this feeling has many facets. Sometimes it goes into crisis and creates dissatisfaction that pushes partners to react by showing the worst in themselves. Find out if you are among these dangerous lovers.

The 4 hardest signs in love, have no mercy for the partner

A relationship is not always plain sailing. Arguments are inevitable and sometimes the confrontation takes on unexpected proportions. When things don’t go our way some of us end up being particularly inflexible and hard on our partner and use words and actions that can break our hearts.

These signs do not hesitate to make their partner suffer even when they decide to leave him. Whether they are right or wrong does not change, if you pair up with one of them your separation could be brutal:


The sign of Scorpio is very passionate and fiery. Often her relationships are more physical than sentimental but when she falls in love with Scorpio she is insane, adorable, and enchanting. In an instant, he makes you touch the stars, and just as quickly he could plunge you into the abyss. If this sign feels dissatisfied and decides to leave you, they will not hesitate to despise the feeling that united you.


Capricorn is a sign that devotes a lot of his work and profession and devotes little of his time to romantic relationships. It is a rational sign and ends up rationalizing even the feelings influencing his judgment which often seems to end up making risky decisions and definitive breakups are no exception.


A hyperactive and impulsive sign, Aries often does something that they regret later on. She doesn’t really like stable bonds because they are a constraint on her freedom both emotionally and mentally. The stimuli begin to fail to make him decide to give up everything because his happiness comes first. Maybe later he will feel remorse, but right there he will say and do things you will never go back for.


Virgo is a sign that suffers from anxious states and also suffers when he is the one to leave. In reality, this sign constantly fights against itself. It is too sensitive to the moods of the partner and the decision to quit takes it for the good of both even when it costs too much to require a huge effort not to give in and go back to the decision already made.

You should never force things because forcing them does not solve anything. Sometimes getting away from the people who are the cause of our suffering is good even if it breaks our hearts.

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