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4 Zodiac Pairs Destined To Get Together In 2024

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On rare occasion, two type A’s can get together and team up without everything turning into a power struggle.The baseboards are dusted. Social calendars are coordinated. Both parties are aware of what’s in the pantry and what’s on the grocery list. No one feels like they are carrying the brunt of the mental load, and each has enough confidence in the other to delegate and ask for help without nitpicking how anything is carried out. Virgo and Gemini are destined to show each other what refusing to settle feels like. What it feels like to not be the only one who’s trying. That if someone cared, they would. They absolutely without a doubt would. That neither of them has been crazy, or too much, or too invested. Their coupling is the mirror held up to each other’s faces showing them they deserve to receive everything they’ve been giving of themselves in return.

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This pairing is all about frustration that turns sexual with time. Neither party is used to bending to anyone else’s will, and neither will ever back away from a challenge. The similarities between the two create an immediate distaste for the other, but it’s undeniable that they also acknowledge each other as worthy opponents. It’s rare that anyone has the cojones to stand up to them, and once the initial shock and irritation wears off, amusement makes its presence known. Deep down, behind their coping mechanisms and self defenses, Scorpio has longed for someone to call them out on their bullshit, and Taurus has been waiting for the person who won’t give up and walk away in the middle of one of their many ice out strikes or games of chicken. They’re both too experienced to fall for each other’s tricks, and see each other for the rawest versions of themselves.

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This is what happens when two people with limitless imaginations encourage each other to pursue every dream, without crushing any whim as impossible or ill-advised. They can get lost in the dopamine of the initial romance, but in the long term, they become the safest space for each other. Sagittarius settles down, preferring the calming security of home, instead of endlessly searching for satisfaction in foreign lands, and Pisces fully engages with another human being once they realize fantasies can indeed be shared. They will develop their own rituals and routines, inside jokes, nicknames and slang. Friends and family will describe their lives as a shared world of their own creation. There is no judgment between the two, only love, respect, and admiration. The act of opening up to each other heals the wounds they experienced in their adolescence, and they finally feel able to embrace their inner child.

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This pair balances the other out in complementing ways. Aries becomes Aquarius’ protector, allowing them to feel secure and confident in every area of their life. Aries in turn, feels nurtured and emotionally supported, in a way that allows them to connect with a side of themselves that is softer and more vulnerable than they realized they were capable of being. Each party acknowledges each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and never shames the other for not being as comfortable in certain scenarios as they are. They simply recognize the areas where their skills become useful to the other. They see an opportunity to pick up the slack. With years of companionship and love, they will impart some areas of themselves to each other through shared learning and growth. This is the duo that shows each other how to conquer their fears, but always patiently waits until the other is ready to do so.

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