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4 Zodiac Duos Who Are Toxic Together (But Have Intense Physical Chemistry)

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Emotionally, these two signs couldn’t be more different. Aquarius is an air sign who is motivated by logic and reason. They possess the ability to detach themselves from their emotions and do so regularly. No one can compartmentalize like an Aquarius. This zodiac sign also struggles with expressing—and even understanding—their feelings. They’d rather avoid them at all costs. It’s a bad Aquarian habit to run away from what makes them confront their vulnerability. Scorpio’s watery nature makes them more emotionally oriented. Everything they feel, they feel intensely—and it must be discussed at length. They’re highly in tune with their emotions and those of others. Those born under this sign listen to their heart and are strongly motivated by their intuition. Aquarius has no idea what Scorpio means when they say that they “just feel something” or that their “gut is saying” something.

Together their personalities clash. Scorpio feels neglected by Aquarius’ need for space. Aquarius’ inability to open up and put into words their emotions fails to provide Scorpio the reassurance they need. Aquarius has no patience for Scorpio’s suspicious nature. Both signs are fixed, making them strongly opinionated, uncooperative, and stubborn. They refuse to meet each other in the middle and always insist on getting the last word. Aquarius struggles to emotionally fulfill Scorpio and to give them the passionate love they crave. Scorpio’s need for control makes Aquarius feel trapped and resentful. Scorpio tends to be all-or-nothing when it comes to love, while Aquarius is looking for a more unconventional relationship.

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These two may not be able to understand each other, but they have an undeniable and inexplicable attraction that often draws them like magnets. Aquarius cannot resist Scorpio’s mysterious allure. The slowly peeling layers of Aquarius leave Scorpio curious and wanting more. As sexual partners, they both can sense that they can do a lot for one another. Aquarius is all about novelty and experimentation. Naturally, Scorpio’s uninhibited, strong sexual appetite makes Aquarius feel at ease showing their kink. Scorpio is dominating and Aquarius aims to please. It just works. In bed, these two make a sexually liberated duo, unafraid of exploring all things taboo. These two forget about boundaries when they enter a bedroom together.


You’d think that these two pleasure-seekers would have enough in common to make it work, but you’d be mistaken. Leo and Taurus are both too full of ego and pride to build a healthy relationship together. These two fixed signs are adamant and stubborn. As a couple, they struggle to compromise. For Taurus, it’s either their way or the highway. As for the Lion, they will always put themselves first. Although Leo is demanding, they struggle with understanding the emotional needs of others—and Taurus comes with a lot of those.

Taurus’ sense of emotional security is threatened by Leo’s need for the spotlight. They don’t understand Leo’s need for validation through others. It makes them feel like they’re not enough for their partner—and nothing triggers Taurus’ jealousy issues more than not feeling like a priority. Extroverted Leo feels suffocated by Taurus’ possessiveness. Both have a need for control that the other does not appreciate. Independent Leo can try as much as they want with Taurus, but in the end this zodiac sign isn’t someone who will understand Leo’s need for autonomy and freedom. Taurus will never feel emotionally reciprocated or reassured by Leo. The relationship is one resistant to change and conducive to resentment. These two fighters constantly battle each other for the upper hand.

Although they’re toxic romantically, Leo and Taurus are instantly drawn to one another physically. They’re actually extremely sexually compatible. Both are mystifyingly passionate and sensual. Taurus makes a deliberate and slow art out of having sex. Leo, who longs to feel adored and desired, enjoys Taurus’ attentive style. Ever-so-intuitive Taurus knows just how to stroke Leo’s ego, and they aim to satiate. Leo’s adventurous energy stimulates Taurus enough to inspire them to be bold and try new things outside of their comfort zone. Because these two signs both enjoy being in charge, they like to have fun playing it up with power dynamics. Together, these two act on their strongest, most secret fantasies.

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From the very start, there’s a spark between Sagittarius and Pisces. The deeply private and rich inner world of Pisces makes them feel unknowable. This quality mesmerizes Sag, who feels compelled to discover everything there is to know about Pisces. Pisces feeds on this attention, mistaking intoxicating conversation for something more meaningful. There’s no denying the mind-blowing chemistry between the two, but Sag and Pisces are toxic together. It’s an endless cycle of Sag refusing to apologize and Pisces giving in time and time again to keep the relationship going. Pisces’ love is overwhelming for Sag. Sagittarius lacks the emotional intensity that Pisces craves.

They have wildly different views on what makes a relationship happy and successful. Pisces wants to merge souls. Independent Sag believes that two people in love should live separate lives and then come together to build something solid. They need the space and freedom to do what they want when they please. Sagittarius has to constantly taste new experiences and change their surroundings. They don’t always want to do that with their partner. This doesn’t sit well with Pisces, who expects to do everything together. Sensitive Pisces needs more affection and emotional security than Sagittarius can provide, but they’ll never ask for it. They want to keep the peace, and above all, they want to keep their partner happy. So, they begin to neglect their emotional needs and prioritize those of their lover. It makes for an unhealthy power dynamic—and a lot of resentment.

They may struggle to efficiently communicate, but sexually they’re fluent in each other’s languages. These two are both naturally curious. Sagittarius and Pisces share an open-mindedness that makes them eager to explore each other’s fantasies. Sag craves a novelty and variety in the bedroom that only imaginative Pisces knows how to provide. Behind closed doors, these zodiac signs experiment with role play and erotic games. There’s nothing that they don’t dare try together. Bold Sag brings out the more reckless, fearless side of Pisces. Creative Pisces excites Sag and gives them the power they crave through adoration.

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Think of this relationship as a violent tempest of passion. This is a volatile love full of extreme highs and severe lows. A Scorpio-Scorpio romance is an endless game of emotional manipulation—one that is addictive because it secretly turns on each lover. These two would do anything to win and gain the upper hand. They resort to undermining behavior and playing mental gymnastics with one another. In the end, nobody wins because they both have the ability to see right through each other. These two destructive forces are vampiric when they come together.

The Scorpio lovers are extremely possessive and want to know everything about the other. They each detest feeling like they are being controlled and they don’t tolerate the interference in their lives. Scorpios believe that not everything is meant to be shared—not even with the person you love the most. Each Scorpio in the relationship always senses that the other is keeping some secret things hidden. One Scorpio in the partnership, if not both, constantly tests the loyalty of the other. Because of their trust issues, they each fail to fully let the other in, causing constant tension. They each can’t stand knowing that they don’t completely own the other. A Scorpion love is full of obsession, jealousy, and rage. They fight their way through conflict together instead of solving it. Because they each have a hard time forgiving, it takes this couple a long time to get over things. Their inability to compromise turns everything into a competition where they each try to get under each other’s skin.

Their fights may be as explosive as their intense sex, but the sex really is that good. Scorpio is the most accomplished lover of the zodiac, so the sexual chemistry is palpable with someone of their same sign. There’s an undeniable magnetism between them that feels like meeting a long lost lover from another life. The Scorpio lovers are bound to each other by an invisible string. Their innate sexual instinct makes them sense that they’re just like the other. Scorpio has particular tastes and fantasies that only another dark soul like Scorpio could understand. They’re able to shed their inhibitions with each other. They both aim to tease, please, and excite. Scorpio knows when to take a break to allow the other Scorpio feel like they’re in charge. Their sex life is all about exploring taboos and stepping outside the boundaries.

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