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4 Zodiac Duos Who Are Destined To Fall In Love (But Not Last)


These two zodiac signs share a natural attraction. Often, they end up building an intense connection. Both are strong personalities with abundant drive and ambition. Each has clear, specific ideas of the goals they want to reach and the life they want to build. It’s their desire for success and security, as well as their hard-working values, that draws them together. Taurus is taken by trailblazer Aries’ confidence and fearlessness to take hold of what they want. Aries is turned on by Taurus’ tenacity and strength. This fire sign is also drawn to Taurus’ sensual, patient, and gentle nature. Taurus is mesmerized by Aries’ passion in everything that they do—especially in the bedroom. Their physical chemistry is strong. Aries is a passionate lover, while Taurus is a sensuous soul. Together, they have a steamy and fiery sex life—this is what makes the other hard to quit.

While the relationship is extremely thrilling at the beginning, this duo is one of the most volatile couples of the zodiac. Taurus tends to view independence-seeking Aries as a possession, suffocating them. Aries lives a more adventurous and fast-paced life, whereas Taurus is more risk-averse and hates being pushed outside their comfort zone. Aries is impulsive and has an affinity for being spontaneous. Taurus is more of a homebody and finds it necessary to put more serious thought into their actions. This bores Aries, making them feel caged in by their partner. Aries lashes out at Taurus by being callous. Taurus sulks in silence and grows to resent their partner. They struggle to stay together because they’re never in sync and fail to see the world through one another’s lenses. Aries always wants to be right, while Taurus is stubborn to change their point of view. Because of their egos, both refuse to admit their faults, so they constantly bump heads and wait for the other to apologize first. Their relationship is one marked by pent-up hostility and extended conflict without compromise. It can’t last.


As different as these zodiac signs are, there’s an undeniable chemistry between them. The power of their attraction is largely to blame on their quincunx aspect on the zodiac wheel, meaning that they’re five signs, or 150 degrees, apart. This aspect makes them elusive to one another and brings out an air of mystery that makes them want to get to know each other more. It’s how vastly dissimilar these two are that makes them intoxicating to one another. The tension this aspect brings can boil over into incredible attraction. Quincunx duos can have an intense sexual and physical connection that makes it hard for them to ever stop thinking of the other. Initially, Cancer and Aquarius are overwhelmed by their mutual intrigue. Sentimental Cancer is hopelessly attracted to inventive Aquarius and their cavalier attitude. Aquarius is haunted by Cancer’s tenderness and imagination. When they come together, they both inspire each other’s whimsical pursuits.

Their creative and fanciful natures are about the only thing they have in common. What makes them so attracted to each other—their quincunx aspect—is also what makes it so hard for these two to be able to understand each other. The inconjunct between them means that they share no modality, element, or polarity. A lot of work is necessary for harmony to be achieved between them. They constantly fail to connect on an emotional level. Cancer is a water sign, highly in tune with their emotions and those of others. Being vulnerable comes naturally to them. The more logical Aquarius has a hard time expressing themselves emotionally. They’d rather put feelings aside and find solutions. This makes Cancer, who needs to dissect every disagreement and emotion, feel neglected. Aquarius grows frustrated with Cancer’s sensitivity. Cancer feels hurt by Aquarius’ aloofness and detachment—by the way Aquarius leaves them starved for affection. Aquarius will always feel unattainable to them, even in a long-term relationship. They want two very different things from love. Unconventional Aquarius wants space in a relationship and to live two separate lives—they don’t want to lose their individuality. Cancer values tradition and wants to become part of a “we.” Cancer will never give Aquarius the freedom they need. Aquarius doesn’t have the emotional depth required to make Cancer feel secure. Together, more time is spent working on the relationship than actually enjoying it. They’re not end game.


Leo and Scorpio are drawn to each other because they sense how powerful the other is. Leo is turned on by Scorpio who seems to have the confidence Leo only pretends to possess. They’re intrigued by Scorpio, ignoring the danger exuding from them, and strongly want to unravel Scorpio’s mystery. Scorpio is taken with Leo’s courage and strength. Leo intoxicates Scorpio with their fearlessness and inspires them to live in the moment. It’s Leo’s warm presence that makes Scorpio feel safe enough to open up and let their guard down. It means a lot to Scorpio to be able to be their authentic selves around Leo, so they become attached. Leo makes Scorpio feel desired and cared for. Scorpio is swept right off their feet by romantic Leo. Passionate and intense Scorpio makes Leo feel like the center of the universe. They bring out in the other the romantic feeling that they’ve always craved—being someone’s everything. It makes them addicted to one another. Their connection is an erotic and passionate one—one that eventually proves to be a fire that burns everything in its wake.

Their relationship is a constant power struggle of clashing egos. As fixed signs who are stubborn and have a hard time putting their pride aside, they struggle to compromise. Their explosive tempers meet their match in each other. They fight a lot and then punish each other with the cold shoulder and silent treatment. These two signs live to prove a point. Leo always refuses to give in. Scorpio must always have their way. Their square aspect to each other makes it so that a successful relationship between them will require a lot of patience and energy. Very rarely do they make it work. Their personalities and outlooks are too different. Private and introverted Scorpio detests Leo’s affinity for the spotlight and their huge circle of friends. In fact, they feel threatened by Leo’s charm in social situations. Scorpio wants to possess them. It makes independent Leo feel suffocated. Leo also grows frustrated with Scorpio’s need to know everything without wanting to disclose anything personal. It’s challenging for these two to build a healthy level of trust. They can quickly become obsessed with each other, but it’s rare that they last.


It almost feels like a match made in heaven when these two meet. Pisces and Sagittarius are destined to fall in love. Sparks fly and they feel as though they complete each other. This duo genuinely comes to believe that they’re soulmates. They become enamored through deep philosophical and spiritual conversations late into the night. These two are both on the quest to discover the meaning of life. Their curious and open-minded nature brings them together and makes their compatibility seem high at the beginning. Sagittarius knows all the best ways to make Pisces laugh. Pisces is simply too cute, adorable, and irresistible to Sag. Both of them are ever so bright and optimistic and like going with the flow and living by the general vibe of the day. Dreamy Pisces adores the way Sag views the world through rose-colored glasses. Fun-loving wanderer Sagittarius loves that Pisces is always down for adventure and spontaneity. Together they embark on an endless journey of exploration. They’re open to magic and new experiences, in and out of the bedroom. Their sex life is some of the hottest and kinkiest between any two zodiacs.

Unfortunately, things can only stay peachy in the honeymoon phase. While their traditional ruling planet Jupiter may smile at them with luck and growth initially, eventually this couple is slapped with the reality that fire and water signs don’t mix well. This is another example where these elements can’t coexist. Water will always put out fire, and fire will always make water steam. Pisces is more partnership-oriented and dependent on others than independent, freedom-loving Sagittarius. Pisces is looking to merge souls with their partners—to explore their inner workings, connect, explore, and travel universes together. They want the fairytale and all the works. Sagittarius’ lifestyle doesn’t match with Pisces’ desires. Untamed Sag needs the freedom to do as they please—and sometimes that doesn’t include their significant other. Pisces takes great offense when this is the case, and has a hard time respecting Sag’s personal space. Pisces is too needy for Sag, and Sagittarius simply can’t fulfill Pisces’ emotional needs. They just can’t make it work.

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