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4 Zodiac Duos That Bring Each Other Out Of Their Shells

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Sagittarius teases can’t-be-teased Gemini in a way that everyone else is afraid to. Instead of worrying over Gemini’s fragility, Sagittarius pokes fun at it in a way that makes Gemini laugh at their own vulnerabilities. And Gemini teaches Sagittarius the importance of common cordiality. Being on time, making plans, anything and everything that exudes the quality of being dependable. The two become fast and loyal friends whose opposite natures complement each other and give each a much needed confidence boost. Sagittarius likes having someone to reassure, and Gemini likes being able to calm and tame Sagittarius’ puppy dog antics.

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Scorpio loves to draw out quiet Pisces into a private conversation in a sea of people at a party, and Pisces doesn’t ask Scorpio the annoying kinds of personal questions that other people do, because their intuition is able to piece together the puzzle and enigma of Scorpio’s personality. Scorpio loves being inherently understood, and Pisces enjoys the tailored attention from such a charismatic and sought after individual. Scorpio makes them feel special and singled out. Like they’ve been chosen from a crowd they never felt they belonged in to begin with. Each sign feeds the other’s unacknowledged need for companionship and loyalty, creating a lifelong friendship.

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Leo is drawn to Capricorn’s pragmatism and effectiveness in managing their own affairs, and Capricorn envies Leo’s social ease and graces. They each show the other the ins and outs of the skills they each want to develop most. Leo’s desire for success, stability and career, and Capricorn’s need to loosen up, unplug, and learn to have fun. They teach each other invaluable lessons, and help each other get through the ups and downs of adult life whenever the occasion requires. They are each other’s problem solvers and spirit lifters, and there is nothing that can separate them once they’ve found each other.

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Virgo get Libra to loosen their lips and let the shit talking that usually only exists as an inner monologue find its way into the world in the form of audible sound waves. Libra doesn’t let Virgo get away with the big mouth, sharp tongued act and digs deeper to get at the heart of what they’re feeling, not just thinking. The two can communicate with a level of honesty neither feel comfortable with in the larger world, but because they have this unusual way of encouraging the parts of each other that can be the most unsettling, the friendship makes each person feel whole. Where the nice guy and smart aleck acts end, two human beings connect.

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