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4 Stubborn, Uncompromising Zodiac Signs

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The word “uncompromising” can mean many things, both good and bad. One can refuse to compromise because they have high standards, but they can also refuse because they can’t admit when they’re wrong.

Positive words associated with “uncompromising” are “determined,” “resolute,” and “single-minded.” Such people won’t compromise because they have integrity. They keep their eyes on the prize and are “in it to win it.”

Negative words related to “uncompromising” are “difficult,” “obstinate,” and “pigheaded.” They let their foolish pride get in the way of reaching agreements with others that would work out to everyone’s benefit. This often leads to trouble in relationships and employment.

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These are the four zodiac signs who tend to be the most uncompromising, along with explanations for how you can steer this trait toward positive outcomes in life—both yours and theirs—rather than disappointment and heartache.

1. Taurus 

An Earth sign with a fixed modality who is symbolized by the Bull, Taurus can be about as immovable as a giant boulder once they’ve made up their minds. If you’d like to engage them as a business associate or romantic partner, the trick is to persuade them before they’ve made up their minds. Be careful to avoid belittling or insulting them, because that will only send them stampeding in the opposite direction. Flattery will work so long as it’s sincere, because Taurus is highly skilled at detecting insincerity. If they think you’re merely trying to butter them up to get what you want from them, you’ve already lost.

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2. Cancer

Cancers are widely regarded as the most emotional of all the star signs, so if you want to get on their good side, don’t even bother with facts, logic, spreadsheets, or scientific studies. The Crab judges things purely on how they feel about them, and they have incredibly good intuition. If their heart tells them that something is right, no amount of lawyerly persuasion will budge them from that immutable inner conviction. They listen to their heart rather than their brain, and once their heart tells them what to do, you might as well be speaking another language if you try to convince them otherwise. On the negative side of things, if you’ve insulted or hurt them in any way, no matter how trivial, they will hold a grudge forever. They will refuse to compromise merely to spite you.

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3. Capricorn

The Goat is an Earth sign ruled by Saturn, which makes them reasonable, goal-oriented, and hard-working. They are almost the complete opposite of Cancer in the sense that appealing to their emotions is useless if you want to persuade them of something. You might as well be talking to a robot—a very logical, efficient, and practical robot. This sometimes can be a negative trait in the sense that they can come off like a know-it-all. But Capricorn is also a mutable modality, which means that if you actually have a good point to make, they will listen and often change their mind. One of the best things about Capricorns is that they would rather know the truth than be “right” all the time.

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4. Leo

The proud Lion basks in the sun’s unquenchable fire, which makes Leo one of the most confident, bold, curious, and fearless of all the signs. These are all good things. On the down side, Leo can be arrogant, combative, cocky, and hesitant to compromise. Unlike Capricorn, Leo is so hell-bent on being the smartest person in the room that they have trouble admitting when they’re wrong, even when it’s obvious to them and everyone else in the room. They are especially sensitive to the idea that they’ve failed at something. The workaround for this is to pat them on the back and remind them of their countless triumphs. Flatter them until you run out of good things to say. If you can distract them and get them to temporarily forget a fleeting setback, you might have a shot at softening them up and making them willing to negotiate and compromise

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