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The 4 Most Sensitive Women Under The Zodiac Signs

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Most of us are constantly, albeit unknowingly, aware of the emotions of our fellow human beings. Body language and pitch changes are subtle means by which people make each other aware of their true feelings, regardless of whether they express them expressly or not. Of course, everyone can perceive such signals up to a certain wire and put themselves in the picture of others. 

However, very empathetic people feel the emotions of others much more intensely and even go so far as to take on these emotions. Sometimes such an empathic person can even be unsure whether the feelings he feels are his own or someone else’s. This can be extremely stressful for the empathic person and they often have to work hard to distinguish their own emotions from the emotions of others and to protect themselves from the bad energy of others.

In astrology, there are four women under the zodiac signs who are particularly empathetic. Do you also belong to it?

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Pisces women are very sensitive and can hardly be prevented from taking on the feelings of others. You can always say how a person feels and they can become the best friend you could ask for. They are compassionate and gentle, but they are also very wise.

For this reason, it is easy for fish to notice when a person is suffering. You can notice a problem before someone sees something is wrong. Their intuition is rarely wrong and they always have a shoulder free to howl.

Unfortunately, due to their empathic nature, they suffer from burnout or emotional exhaustion. Fish have to work hard not to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. You should be careful to protect yourself from bad energies that may affect your feelings.

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The bull woman is very empathetic and does not hide this either. She would even hug a stranger on the street if she saw that he was in need. She will offer as much help to someone she has known for a long time as to someone she has only recently known. She doesn’t do this to please others.

She just can’t help but help. It is responsible, stable and reliable. This means that her messy friends will always come to her for emotional support. And they will never deny them that support. 

Bull women are also very patient. You will take the time to listen and seriously consider other people’s problems. A bull woman will never let you down if she knows you’re not feeling well. That’s why she’s the best friend you can have.

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The cancer woman is a woman who values ​​people in her life and never makes them feel guilty. It is one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac, so it is no wonder that they want to show this sensitivity to other people. If you need someone to deal with your problems, a cancer woman is your contact. They are usually very emotional and they can feel all the feelings in the room.

This means that they always know how other people feel and how to deal with the emotions of others. Sometimes they may feel moody when trying to process not only their thoughts and feelings but also the thoughts and feelings around them.

Crayfish are very emotional and personable. When someone they love feels bad, cancer often feels the same way. They are loyal to their friends and would never do anything to hurt them. They also want to protect everyone and everything, which means that they will always defend their friends.

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The Libra woman likes fairness and tries to avoid injustice in the world. She might get angry when she realizes something is not fair. Then she won’t stop thinking about it until the problem is solved.

She will always help, whether she knows this person or not. That doesn’t matter for the scale, because it stands by its values ​​and follows them very strictly. Libra women are gentle and reliable. That is why you can trust them with a secret. 

If the Libra woman feels that someone feels cheated or exploited, her help is always available. The Libra values ​​harmony, and although it hates confrontation, it hates unfairness more. She has a very meek nature and therefore others can rely on her and tell her her secrets and problems.

She will always be honest with you and push you when she sees that you need the motivation to achieve your goal. She is very gracious and will forgive other people in the long run. That is why she is considered the perfect friend. So if you have a girlfriend whose zodiac sign is Libra, hold on tight.

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