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4 Most Service-Oriented ZodiacSigns

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In a world that seems stuffed to the gills with fakers, takers, cheaters, swindlers, liars, creeps, and freeloaders, it’s refreshing to find that ever-shrinking breed of people who seem to help others simply for the sheer joy of it.

Sure, there are some people who will be nice to you if you’re doing well. If you’re rich, famous, or have any other kind of clout or something they want, they’ll pat you on the back, shake your hand, and flash a toothy smile. But the moment when trouble enters your life, they exit your life. Such people are known as “fair-weather friends.”

There are other types, though, who try to help you come rain or come shine, in sickness and in health, because it’s in their very nature to help others without expecting a thing in return. Here are four zodiac signs who exemplify the old adage that “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

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1. Virgo

Virgos are widely known as the most helpful and selflessly generous of all the star signs. This mutable Earth sign will help you through the bleakest of times with an almost otherworldly dedication toward both logic and compassion. Even if you merely considered them an acquaintance, they will be the first person at your bedside when you go to the hospital or the first person to drive in their pajamas through a snowstorm in the middle of the night to help you fix a flat tire. What’s most admirable about them is that they will never expect you to reciprocate. They’ll even cringe if you remind them of how they’ve been an angel of mercy in your darkest hour. They are so pure—so “virginal” in this sense—in their drive to help others, they’re almost surprised when you thank them or offer to return the favor. They simply wanted to help and never even pondered that you might be “indebted” to them.

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2. Libra

Once a Libra knows what you like, you’ll never have to ask them twice. If you’ve been lucky enough to be their friend for a while and find yourself staying at their place overnight, in the morning they’ll greet you with breakfast in bed: peanut-butter pancakes dripping with agave syrup (just the way you like it), New Orleans-style coffee with chicory, liquid monkfruit sweetener, and goat milk (just the way you drink it), and your favorite music playing in the background. Your happiness is their happiness, and they won’t be satisfied until you are. They aim to please with the precision of an Olympic sharpshooter.

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3. Aquarius

Philosophical yet kindhearted, quietly noble without ever seeming detached or aloof, kind without being overbearing, the water-bearer was born to help others. If you’re hungry, they’ll give you half of their sandwich. If you need a job, they’ll create one for you. They make great leaders because they are inherently trustworthy, never cruel or unreasonably demanding, and so relentlessly helpful that you are naturally inspired to be the best person you can be around them. If they ask you to do a task, you’d feel like a complete ass if you fail to deliver on their request. And like the others on this list, they never feel the need to remind you of how good they’ve been to you.

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4. Taurus

A fixed Earth sign, the Bull is the most stubborn member of the zodiac, but especially when it comes to their generosity—they will almost defiantly refuse when you try to pay them back in any way. No matter how much they’ve helped you, no matter how many gifts or surprises they’ve given you, they seem to take it as an insult to their dignity if you try to give them a little quid pro quo or if you try to scratch their back after they’ve scratched yours. No other sign is quite like this—Taurus will go to supernatural lengths to help you, but the moment you attempt to respond in kind, whoosh!—they’re gone like the wind.

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