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4 Fictional Characters Who Give Major Scorpio Energy

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These four fictional characters give major Scorpio energy.

1. Professor Snape (Harry Potter)

Professor Snape from the Harry Potter series gives off big Scorpio vibes due to his dark and enigmatic nature. Professor Snape is far more sensitive than he appears, and this is by design. He is intentionally closed off because of the hurt he has endured throughout his life, especially Lily’s death, “even after all this time.”

2. Dr. Gregory House (House)

Dr. Gregory House, or just House, is a brilliant doctor who hates pretty much everyone. You know, just Scorpio things. A diagnostic genius, House is able to solve even the most winding of medical puzzles. House is rough around the edges, but deep down cares a lot.

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3. Detective Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Detective Rosa Diaz is intense and incredibly hard to read. And, yeah, maybe a little scary too! Rosa goes out of her way to be mysterious, keeping everyone at an arm’s length (or more) away. She hates people knowing her business, just like Scorpio.

4. Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

And finally, Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. Vengeance might as well be his middle name, given how he is constantly trying to kill Lois. Stewie is a mastermind, one that stays several step ahead of everyone else.

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