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4 Birth Months With Hard-To-Reach Hearts

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Some people you meet will be open books. They will blurt out exactly how they’re feeling without even being asked because they embrace their vulnerability. But other people are going to hide their hearts away, even when they find someone special. Here are the birth months who have hard-to-reach hearts:

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It’s hard to break into your heart because you have your walls up so high. You don’t want to let anyone in because once you do, there’s a chance they could end up breaking your heart. But that’s a risk you need to take if you’re looking for real, spectacular love. You can’t give someone bits and pieces of your heart and expect them to feel satisfied. They need to know all of you. They need to know you trust them enough to be honest with them, even when it’s uncomfortable or awkward. If you can’t give them everything, then why would they do the same? You need to give a little to get a little. Just make sure you’re with the right person and it will all work out.

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You have a hard-to-reach heart because you have learned from past mistakes. You have opened up to others too early, you have given them every single piece of you, and it backfired. It ended up completely destroying you. Now, you are trying to protect yourself by closing yourself off, by only giving out bits and pieces of yourself – but this isn’t fair to the people you love. Not everyone is your ex. Not everyone will use your kindness against you. You can’t blame them for the mistakes that others have made. If you trust someone, you need to show it. You need to be vulnerable with them. You need to risk giving out your heart and hope that it ends differently this time.

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You have a hard-to-reach heart because it’s fragile and you’re terrified of it breaking again. You don’t want to relive the heartbreak you’ve been through in the past, so you are taking precautions to protect yourself. But once you realize someone is trustworthy and genuinely cares about you, letting down your walls might be worth the risk. You might want to rethink opening up to them. Not everyone is deserving of your soft heart – but not everyone deserves to get shut out either. Some people are worth the trouble.

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Your heart is heard to reach because you value quality over quantity. You don’t want to open up to everyone that you meet, and that’s perfectly fine. You aren’t obligated to give strangers your whole life story. You don’t have to be soft and vulnerable around everyone who enters your orbit. But when you find someone worth the trouble, you can’t keep shutting them out and expect them to be okay with it. You have to give them more than the basics. You have to open up your heart to them in the same way they’re opening up to you. You don’t want the love to feel one-sided. You need to show them that you’ll meet them halfway

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