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4 Birth Months Who Will Prioritize Work Over Their Partner

You don’t want to ignore your partner on a daily basis because you’re too focused on work to worry about how your relationships are doing. However, there’s nothing wrong with caring deeply about your work. With having huge dreams that you have to put a lot of effort into reaching. Here are some of the birth months who will (more than) occasionally prioritize their work above their relationships:


People who are born in April are ambitious. They don’t want to waste a second of their day, so they try to be as productive as humanly possible. Sometimes, their drive to succeed can backfire on them and make them single-minded. It can convince them that they have to be working every spare second that they find — when really, they could be using that time to hang out with their partner, to relax and unwind together. Although people born during this month are going to try their hardest to make their partners happy, they commonly get distracted by work. They let their big dreams get the best of them, so they need a partner who understands how important work is to them, a partner who supports and encourages them, a partner who needs a lot of space too and won’t mind when they disappear for a while.


People born in August are always going to choose themselves. Not because they’re selfish. Because they practice self-love. They would never turn down an exciting opportunity because their partner disapproved — but that’s mostly because they wouldn’t date someone who is uncomfortable with their success. They are going to hold out for someone who understands they will be prioritized on certain days, and their work will be prioritized on other days. They need a partner who is okay with their work ethic, who is proud of them for how hard they’re working toward their goals instead of resenting them over it.


People born in September have a good head on their shoulders. They are efficient and reliable, which is what makes them excellent employees and leaders. However, they are also perfectionists who are always out to prove themselves. They think they can handle everything, so they commonly take on more than they can handle at once. They tell themselves that they can balance long hours at work while still having plenty of time for their partner, but this isn’t always the case. They are never trying to make their partners feel like they’re low on their list of priorities. They’re simply trying to do too much at once and end up overwhelmed.


People born in December work their hardest each and every day. They put blood, sweat, and tears into their work. Although some people might feel like they’re prioritizing their work above their relationships, to them, it’s all the same. After all, they’re working hard so they can support their partners, so they can give their loved ones everything they deserve. Although they don’t think money is the most important thing in the world, they know it can provide consistency and comfort and a vacation or two. People born in December are working all the time, but only because they want to set themselves up for a stable future. They want to give their families everything they could possibly want. They want to help.

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