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4 Birth Months Who Will Never Admit How Much They Think About Their Ex

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No one wants to be stuck on their ex, but it happens to the best of us. There’s nothing wrong with having lingering feelings for someone, even when you know they are ever going to come back into your life again. But some people are more willing to admit to these pesky feelings than others. Here are the birth months who will never admit how much they think about their ex:


If you were born in April, you never want anyone to see you sweat. You shed most of your tears behind closed doors because you don’t want anyone to mistake you as weak (even though you know deep down that showing your vulnerabilities is actually a strength). Although you might secretly be missing your exes, you would never voice those thoughts out loud. You would never admit that they still have a hold on your heart. You will continue to pretend that they mean nothing to you, and that you have completely moved on, because you wish it were the truth. You don’t want your feelings for your ex to exist, so you will pretend that it’s the case. Even to yourself.

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If you were born in May, you have a stubborn side. It’s hard for you to get over exes because you stubbornly believe that you were a good pair. Plus, you are an overthinker, so you can’t remove someone from your head as easily as others. They are going to linger there for ages while you think about where you went wrong. Although your ex pops into your head more often than you would like to admit, you are going to pretend that you are over them to your friends and family. You don’t see the point in confessing how you really feel. After all, you understand that this person isn’t coming back, so there’s no reason to keep talking about them. No reason to let the world know how much you have been thinking about them.


If you were born in September, it’s hard to shake your past. Although you try hard to focus on your present and future, you are always reminded of the people who used to be in your life. You are always thinking about your regrets and wishing you could change how certain things went. However, you would never admit this out loud because you try to come across as secure and confident. You want to seem like you have it all together. Although your ex is on your mind more than you would ever admit, that doesn’t mean you’re going to reconnect with them or try to get them back. You know when you dodged a bullet, even though it still hurts.

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If you were born in November, you aren’t afraid to cut people out of your life. And once they’re gone, that’s it. You aren’t going to text them. You aren’t going to talk about them. You aren’t going to acknowledge their existence. Since you act like these people who have hurt you are dead to you, you would never admit how much you think about them. How often you replay the past and hate yourself for falling so hard for someone so wrong. Although most of your thoughts about your ex are negative ones, they’re still on your mind way too much for your liking. You just can’t get them out of your head.

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