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4 Birth Months Who Wear Their Hearts On Their Sleeves When Flirting

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Some birth months are going to be vague about what they want from you. You’ll have no idea whether they’re simply being friendly or are hitting on you. But other birth months make their stance clear from day one. They aren’t going to send any mixed signals or make you guess what’s running through their mind. Here are the birth months who wear their heart on their sleeve when flirting:


People born in January aren’t the most emotional humans — but they are straightforward. When they develop feelings for someone, they don’t see the point in pretending. They would rather make efficient use of their time by explaining how they feel and seeing if the other person feels the same. If someone born in January is interested in dating you, they will make this fact clear. They aren’t going to string you along and make you wonder where they stand and whether they can picture a serious relationship with you. They are going to be clear about their feelings for you and whether they want to take your relationship to the next level.

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People born in March lead with their hearts over their heads. They aren’t going to stop and think through the consequences of expressing themselves because they believe it’s better to be honest than to tell a pretty little lie. They understand that they’re opening themselves up to heartbreak by being so honest about their feelings, but they would rather know that they took a shot than spent the rest of their lives sitting around wondering whether you could have been a couple if they were brave enough to state their feelings. People born in March aren’t going to give you mixed signals because they are authentic and admit how they’re feeling, even when it’s hard.


People born in August aren’t shy about expressing their feelings. After all, if you confess that you don’t feel the same way, that’s your loss. They don’t want to waste their time on anyone unable to see their value anyway. They would rather know right away whether you feel the same so they can determine whether they are going to spend more or less time on you in the future. People born in August don’t have time to waste, and they are confident enough to state their feelings and intentions. They aren’t going to keep quiet. They would rather blurt out whatever is on their mind so the world knows where they stand and they don’t miss out on a single opportunity.

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People born in October are romantics. They are looking for an epic love story, but they know they can’t expect another person to walk up to them and do all the work. They are willing to meet their crushes and partners halfway. They are willing to speak from the heart so that the truth is out in the open. People born in October don’t want to waste a second they spend on this earth. They are going to make the most of every moment and every relationship — and that starts by being transparent about their feelings. Playing pretend is too much work. They genuinely believe it’s better to be vulnerable.

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