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4 Birth Months Who Feel Lonely Even When They’re Surrounded By People

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You’re supposed to feel content when you’re with your friends. Loneliness is supposed to melt away, right? And yet, if you were born in one of these four months, you know firsthand how easy it is to feel alone even when you’re surrounded by people. Loneliness is deep, it’s subconscious, and it rarely has to do with who you’re around at any given time. Were you born in one of these four months? Then you struggle with that loneliness.

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You always have something going on. You’re not only a planner, but you get things done as well. When you’re that preoccupied with what you need to get done, you’re so much in your own world that you feel like an island in a sea of people. They have no idea what you’re thinking about, and that’s a lonely feeling all by itself. Of course, you could let people in, you could tell them your dreams and your plans, but it’s just not the same.


You’re the emotional one in the room. You have high empathy skills, making it easy to read the energies of everyone around you. That doesn’t mean you’re infallible, though. Just because you can tell that something is amiss, that doesn’t mean you know why or who it’s about. Sometimes you let your insecurities get the best of you. You assume that the off vibes at the party are somehow about you, and that everyone must be mad at you. It can feel really lonely, but remember: Just because you think something is true, that doesn’t mean it is.

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You can be pretty critical. You have high standards not only for yourself, but for everything and everyone around you. It’s what makes you so good at your job, so good at getting things done. Unfortunately, it can also be pretty isolating. You hold yourself to too high of a standard, so you often feel not good enough. You might get imposter syndrome when you’re out with people. Are you good enough for them? Do they think you don’t belong? If you can forgo the negative self talk, you won’t feel so lonely in a sea of people.


It can be hard to feel secure in social situations when you don’t let anyone in. You’ve erected so many walls to protect yourself that you’ve ended up sequestering yourself from ever truly being seen. Sure, you won’t get hurt as much if you avoid ever being vulnerable. Then again, vulnerability is a great way to get closer to people. So even when you’re around a lot of people, you still feel alone. Let down some of your walls and you’ll let go of the isolation, too.

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