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4 Birth Months Who Enjoy Their Own Company

Some birth months are constantly struggling with loneliness because they prefer to be around other people. They aren’t happy unless they’re in a relationship or are surrounded by their trusted group of friends. But others are comfortable spending time on their own. They might even prefer it. Here are the birth months who genuinely enjoy their own company.


If you were born in February, you don’t need other people around in order to have a good day. You know what you like, so there are plenty of activities that will keep you occupied while your partner or friends are busy doing other things. You don’t need them in front of you every second in order to feel fulfilled. Between all of the hobbies that you have, all of the shows and music that you enjoy, and all of the sleep you need, you are able to have fun on your own. The time goes by quickly, whether you are surrounded by people or left to your own devices. You occasionally get lonely just like everyone else, but most of the time, being alone doesn’t bother you.


If you were born in May, you are able to entertain yourself, so you don’t feel the need to be surrounded by other people every second of every day. You actually like having some alone time. Although you wouldn’t mind settling down with that one special person and hanging out constantly, you are pretty comfortable on your own. After all, you like doing things your way. You like making the decisions and sticking to a set routine. You don’t mind spending time on your own because at least you get to do whatever you want to do without worrying about whether someone else is enjoying themselves. All you have to worry about is whether you are happy.


If you were born in September, you aren’t always going to be in the mood to hang out with other people. Some days, you would rather spend time alone so you can reflect and rest. Although there are certain people that you love deeply, you don’t want to be around them twenty-four seven. You need a certain amount of space in order to feel satisfied. After all, there’s a certain amount of pressure that comes with being in a group situation. You want to make other people smile and laugh. You want to make sure that they’re having a good time. But when you’re alone, the only person who needs your attention is you.


While some people struggle with loneliness whenever they spend a few days by themselves, you’re the opposite. You struggle with feeling suffocated whenever you spend too many days with the same person (or a group of people). You like having time to yourself because you enjoy your own company. You are able to keep yourself entertained, so it’s not like you get bored. Honestly, most people exhaust you. You would rather be left alone than forced to deal with them. Even the people that you love the most can’t be hovering over your shoulder every five seconds. You need a certain amount of space. You can’t be around people all the time, even wonderful people.

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