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4 Birth Months That Take Forever To Get Married

Some of us are so excited to get married we’ll jump at the chance to walk down the aisle as soon as we’ve found the one. Others? Well, it might take the rest of us much, much longer to feel ready enough to agree to such a big commitment. If you–or the one you love–were born in one of the following four birth months, marriage is avoided for a long, long time. That’s if you can get them to commit at all. Good luck to you!


For people born in February, marriage just isn’t a high priority. It isn’t that they aren’t in love or are necessarily afraid of commitment. Instead, they just aren’t the type of person to act unless there’s a very good, compelling reason for it. If they’re happy with the way the relationship is, then why change it? They’re more likely to be proposed to than the one doing the proposing. That’s if you’ve gotten them to commit at all, which can be a tall order for people born in February.


People born in April are impulsive. They lead with their emotions first and foremost, which are often fiery and volatile. It’ll take them forever to get married not because they fear commitment or hate the idea of marriage, but because they’ll likely get bored of every relationship long before that kind of life transition could ever happen. They’re always looking for the next best thing, and that’s hard to do when you’re in a relationship for years or decades. It’s only after they’ve finally settled down that they’re likely to have a wedding, and that can take a long, long time.


For those born in May, it’s their duality that’s holding them back from getting married sooner. While they absolutely love commitment, they’re also incredibly averse to change at the same time. They don’t understand the point of a wedding and a binding contract when things are already going so well as they are. Why mess with a good thing? Deep down they fear that if they change the status quo by making everything that much more official, the dynamic will change too, and it’ll ruin everything.


Of the entire year of birth months, it’s June that fears commitment the most. They see even just a regular long-term relationship a ball-and-chain tying them down. They want to be free, and you can’t be free if you’re committed to someone, or worse, married. It’s basically their worst nightmare. That doesn’t mean they’ll never get married, though. It’ll just take a long, long time and require either lots of personal growth or an unfortunate and ill-thought-out ultimatum.

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