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4 Birth Months That Crave Deep Emotional Connections

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Some people are perfectly happy knowing others on a surface level. They’ll laugh with you and party with you without sharing anything real. But other people aren’t happy with this type of ‘superficial’ relationship. They want to know the real you, the you that’s around when no one else is looking. Here are the birth months that crave deep emotional connections the most:


You genuinely believe in quality over quantity. You would rather have a few close friends than hang out with a thousand people who barely know you at all. It’s the same with your romantic relationships. You don’t want to go on a million first dates, or have a million hookups. You would rather take the time to get to know someone on a deep, emotional level. You want to learn their deepest fears and hopes, their quietest thoughts and opinions. You aren’t going to be satisfied with surface-level conversations. You crave real connection. Real intimacy. With your friends and your partners alike.

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Honestly, you don’t see the point in small talk. You would rather be left alone to read a book or listen to music than have a conversation that sounds the same as the conversation you had yesterday and the day before that. You don’t always connect with coworkers and peers because most of those interactions are surface-level, and you aren’t interested in that type of talking. However, once you meet someone who is unafraid of getting real with you, who talks to you about their deepest desires, their strengths and their weakness, you could stay up for hours talking. You could listen to them forever, and share your feelings forever. You aren’t as cold as some people assume at first glance. You simply want to talk about more than your weekend plans and the weather.

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You aren’t afraid to get vulnerable — but it’s rare to find others who wear their hearts on their sleeves the way that you do. You crave the type of deep, emotional connections that frighten most people. So many others hide their true feelings behind jokes and fake smiles, especially when it comes to dating. They dodge serious conversations and never reveal what they’re really thinking. But you strive to surround yourself with authentic people who aren’t going to lie to impress you. Who are going to say what they think instead of what they think you want to hear. You want to have real, sometimes painful conversations. Conversations that show you the real heart of the other person.

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You are able to talk to anyone about anything — but that doesn’t mean you’re thrilled by these conversations. They’re a dime a dozen. Since you’re so social, you know so many people talk without saying anything at all. You crave deep, emotional connection because you’ve had so many surface-level connections throughout your life. You’re tired of them. Honesty and transparency is refreshing to you. It sets the other person apart from the rest. You might be able to get along with anyone, but you’re really searching for people who will get deep with you, who will talk about what really matters.

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