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4 Birth Months That Are The Best At Flirty Texting

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Some people struggle to communicate their feelings, especially over the phone. They would rather have an in-person conversation so they can read body language and tone. However, other people are more comfortable behind their phone screens because the conversation is more laidback, and they have time to craft the perfect response. Here are the birth months who flirt the best over text.

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If you were born in August, you can hold a conversation about anything and everything. You never run out of interesting stories to share because you are a natural entertainer. You enjoy making other people laugh — and making them blush. You never hold back on your compliments because you are brave enough to make your intentions and feelings clear. You want the other person to know that you’re interested. You want them to understand that they have caught your attention. You’re such a good flirt over text because you aren’t sending any mixed signals. You are making your attraction blatantly obvious.

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If you were born in June, you aren’t shy when it comes to initiating conversations and coming up with new topics to discuss. The other person never has to worry about the conversation dying because even if it grows a little stale, you will find a way to bring it back to life. You are clever enough to keep them entertained for hours and hours. Plus, you aren’t going to hesitate to get a little risqué. You aren’t embarrassed about your feelings — or about the potential of facing rejection. You would rather know if someone is interested right away than waste time pining after them if they don’t feel the same way as you, which is why you will be flirtatious from the start. You want to test the waters. You want to know if you’re on the same page.

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If you were born in October, you are naturally friendly. It’s easy for you to veer into flirtatious territory because you want to brighten other people’s days. You want to point out all the wonderful, beautiful things about them. Even if they don’t return your feelings, you will still be happy that you were able to spread a little joy and boost their confidence, so it’s a win-win no matter what happens. You are a romantic, so love comes naturally to you. You are never going to hold back, in person or over text.

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If you were born in April, you are excellent at thinking on your feet. You can banter back and forth with your crush for hours because you never run out of clever comebacks that will make them chuckle and blush. You know exactly how to tease the other person without crossing boundaries and being too mean. You know how to keep them interested and coming back for more. You are one of the best signs to flirt with because you are always living in the moment, and you’re mainly interested in having fun. You don’t take yourself too seriously. You just enjoy what’s happening as it happens without overthinking it.

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