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3 Zodiacs With The Strongest Connection To Their Past Life Soulmates

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We are said to travel with the same souls from lifetime to lifetime. This is our “soul tribe.” We also have different types of soulmates, divine matches that we are meant to connect with on a deep, intense level. Even in different bodies, we recognize each other’s souls from many past lives. Here are three zodiacs who have the strongest connection to their past life soulmates:

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As the intuitive psychic of the Zodiac, you tend to hold vast reservoirs of deep esoteric knowledge. You have an endless inner knowing and sharp intuition that connects you with your past life soulmates, discerning who you’ve shared lifetimes with a startling accuracy. You are often hit with a gnawing feeling when someone’s soul is meant to merge with yours.


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Scorpio, you’re intimately acquainted with the cycles of rebirth and transformation. As a result, you’re privy to the mysteries and secrets of the afterlife and of reincarnation. Your gaze penetrates past someone’s physical body and you’re able to see the familiar souls you’ve traveled with from the River Styx all the way back to earth for another life.


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As an intellectual and wanderer, you’ve explored both the heavenly and hellish realms through your past lives. You’ve battled your inner demons and reaped victories – all with your soulmates by your side. Angelic forces and your spirit guides always nudge you toward recognizing your divine counterparts, because they know you are more powerful when you are shielded by your soulmates through life’s adversity. Remember to heed the call.

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