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3 Zodiacs With The Most Beautiful Hearts

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The people who have the most beautiful hearts are often the ones who have survived the most, who have endured what should have left their hearts broken. Yet they rose above their circumstances and continued to be a kind force in the world, helping others and using their experiences to contribute to the greater good. These are the zodiac signs with the most beautiful hearts

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You have a beautiful pure heart of gold, Sagittarius, and people have no idea what you had to survive to be so gentle. You are compassionate toward others because you know what it’s like to be at the end of your rope and so now you help the people who have been where you are. People with cruel hearts tried to project onto you their misery and bitterness, but yours is a heart that has endured many trials and remains beautiful even through the times it should have stayed broken forever. Others see your light-hearted nature as evidence that you are blessed naturally by the universe. Lucky Jupiter certainly does favor you with an immense fortune, but those who have not seen you at your darkest times will never know the adversity you had to overcome before you became a magnet for miracles and abundance – before you became a blessing to those who needed a helping hand. Keep sharing your beautiful heart with the world and stay pure of heart. The world needs your strength and resilience more than ever.

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Your heart was made by the angels, Libra, and you bring your wings and halo wherever you go. You bring harmony and peace to situations even when there is chaos and conflict and always look out for the underdog. Others, however, are not as gracious as you are nor are they as kind. It can be difficult to navigate a world filled with people who engage in deception and betrayal – who go out of their way to be mean to those who only support them. Your kindness is a balancing force in this dark world. You were meant to help and encourage others. Just be sure to encourage yourself and tend to your broken wings too. You deserve your compassion.

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Some people may mistake your steely, enigmatic nature for a cold heart but you have one of the most beautiful hearts for those you love. You protect your loved ones fiercely and are willing to go the extra length to show your devotion to those who have been there for you. You’re a best friend for life and the lover who will always be there during the darkest of times. You’re not afraid to peer through the souls of others and see what people try to hide about themselves – you see the beauty in their broken, fractured pieces and you have the right amount of tenderness and guidance to help them through their struggles. It is your wisdom and willingness to confront the raw pain people repress that makes your beautiful heart stand out. Few people have endured as much darkness as you have and are willing to still be kind to those who most need it. This is what makes your beautiful heart a living, breathing miracle.

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