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3 Zodiacs With The Highest Standards For Dates

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When it comes to dating, Leos have high standards. They know their worth and they want to be praised for it. They will never, ever accept someone giving them the bare minimum or less. They want to be given flowers, treated to an expensive dinner, and then go on a romantic drive under the stars. They’re lovers, and they want the very best love they can get.

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Virgos have incredibly high standards in general, but especially so when it comes to dating. They don’t want booty calls or drinks in a grimy, dark bar. They want romance and a plan. They need to know their date has booked a reservation because they will not be showing up somewhere hoping to get a table. They want the very best and if they don’t get it, they know they will find that from someone else.

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Capricorns aren’t really the dating type — they would much rather be focused on their career or enjoying a hobby in the comfort of their own home. But when you do get them out on a date, they want the best. They want a nice dinner and good conversation. They want to know their time isn’t being wasted and that going out was worth it.

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