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3 Zodiacs With Serious Main Character Energy On December 23

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You aren’t the sidekick, providing the soft focus while a friend steals the show. You aren’t the background character, avoiding the spotlight so other people can shine. On December 23, if you’re one of these three signs, you’ve got some serious main character energy. You’re the one attracting the attention. You’re the one living the interesting life. And for better or worse, you’re the one with the main storyline.

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You normally live a pretty quiet life. You’re the sign in the zodiac who prefers to stay in their comfort zone, especially in the winter when you just want to cocoon yourself in a pile of blankets. That may not sound like main character energy, but there’s an exception to the innate comfort zone of a Taurus: Your fierce loyalty. If you notice that someone in your life is getting a raw deal, you’re ready to fight on their behalf. On December 23, someone else’s drama might find you and you won’t mind going a little feral to help them. Use the superhero vibes that are at the heart of every Taurus.

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Honestly, when are you not the main character? Any room you walk into, you attract all attention to you. You’re the one making everyone feel special when you talk to them. You’re the one with the magnetic personality and the naturally flirty vibes. As soon as you’re with people, you shine. On December 23, if you go out, even to run errands, you’ll be giving off serious main character energy. Just ride the wave and everything will be alright.

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If you’re not the main character, you’re not happy about it. They say that the lion-like Leo is the most attention-seeking sign in the zodiac, and you have to admit that it’s kind of true. You like to show off your skills and get all the praise and admiration for it. And you hate the feeling of being a side character. On December 23, be the main character that you’ve always wanted to be. Demand all the attention you want, just as long as you aren’t stealing the spotlight from someone else who deserves it, too. Plenty of stories have multiple main characters, and today, you’re one of them.

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